The mission of the Outcomes Assessment Committee is to facilitate Carl Sandburg College’s mission by providing structure and training for assessment, a support system for analyzing and interpreting data, and a means of communicating assessment results to the College’s stakeholders. 


 Assessment Workshop


Carl Sandburg College has worked on enhancing the assessment process and implementing updated assessment practices since 1995. A noteworthy paradigm shift occurred in assessment circa 2009: one that emphasized a student-centered approach rather than a teacher-centered one. In other words, learning outcomes drive the assessment and content for courses. The Assessment Committee changed its name to the Outcomes Assessment Committee in 2011 to signify this shift and has since then facilitated and utilized an outcomes-based approach to assessment.

The dominant trend of the assessment process at Sandburg is that assessment is a continuous process, one that never pauses and is perpetually improved by all stakeholders.

What Is Outcomes Assessment?

Outcomes-based assessment is…

Outcomes-based assessment is not…

assessment that focuses on students’ final products

assessment that focuses on pedagogy

assessment that is driven by students’ applications of course content

assessment that is driven by courses’ content

assessment that is continuous to understand where students are

assessment that is continual to be repeated for the sake of compliance

assessment that utilizes evaluative techniques that measure student work against set criteria

assessment that utilizes evaluative techniques that measure student work against other student work

How Do I Fill Out a CAR?

Your guide to understanding and enhancing the Classroom Assessment Report: CAR Manual

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