Accessibility Guidelines


Accessibility Review Form and Guide

Sample of Accessibility Self-Review Form Questions (use to prepare for form submission)
Accessibility Guideline Handbook (adopted Jan 2016)


Accessibility Compliance Timeline


Accessibility Guidelines-Moodlerooms Art and Math Resources

Accessibility Guides-Microsoft Office documents and YouTube

Creating Accessible Documents (produced by (handouts available in FTLC)

Accessibility of Publisher Content-Questions to ask when considering a textbook for adoption


Accessibility-:PDF Files


Accessibility information-other resources


  • Other Blind Scientists | Dr. Mona Minkara


  • BlindMath Info Page


  • Mailing Lists


  • IRIS Web App (forgot to mention this one)


  • gh, LLC


  • Welcome to the Department of Statistics Online Learning! | Statistics (This leads to all the statistics course titles available online at Pen State)


  • Welcome to STAT 500! | STAT 500 (Sample course home page)