President's Cabinet

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President to organize the management of the College. The present structure of management consists of two major administrative units: Academic Services and Student Services. Each unit is directed by a Vice President who implements organizational values and serves as a liaison between the President and the staff of the unit. The Vice Presidents and the President form the President's Cabinet. Human Resources, Marketing and Public Relations, the CFO, Facilities and the Foundation report to the President.

Academic Services

The Vice President of Academic Services oversees the quality of academic programs; provides professional development, support programs and opportunities for full-time and adjunct faculty; and acts as a liaison between the President and the Faculty as well as the Staff of the Office of Academic Services including the Dean Career and Corporate Development, Dean of Health Professions, Associate Dean of Career, Technical and Health Education, Associate Dean of Humanities and Performing Arts, Associate Dean of Math and Natural Sciences, Associate Dean of Social and Business Sciences, and Director of Adult Education.

Student Services

The Vice President of Student Services oversees student personnel and development programs, develops cooperative academic programming with other institutions, and serves as a liaison between the President and students as well as oversees Public Safety, the Library and Athletics.


Carl Sandburg College Strategic Plan

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