The Illinois Community College Act and Board of Trustees Policy require (with some exemptions) a formal bid when the anticipated cost of a product or service will exceed $25,000. The purpose of this process is to ensure that a fair and competitive response will document VALUE for public funds.

Carl Sandburg College-POLICY on Bidding/Purchasing Number 2.12.1


The CFO/Treasurer shall be responsible for effecting appropriate regulations and procedures for securing services, materials, supplies, and equipment at the lowest possible cost consistent with satisfactory standards for quality and service for the college.

Current Bids


In order for Carl Sandburg college to stay in compliance with the Illinois Public Community College purchasing laws, the College is requesting all vendors to complete a new or updated Vendor Application form.

  1. Carl Sandburg College Vendor Application form - complete this as an "update" if you already do business with the College.
  2. Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certficiation (W-9 form)
  3. Status as a Minority-Owned, Female-Owned, Persons with Disabilities-Owned, Veteran-Owned or Small Business Enterprise Certification, if applicable - submit current letter of certification. If not certified, register with the Business Enterprise Program "Sell 2 Illinois".

The State of Illinois Centeral Management System has a program called Business Enterprise Program (BEP) where it assists business owned by minorities, women and people with disablilities to gain access to the State of Illinois procurement process.  It can open doors to opportunities with public, private, and government entities looking for diverse suppliers.  Please see the Sell 2 Illinois webpage and register your company with the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program.  Program eligiblity is listed in the Program Act 30 ILCS 575 and 30 ILCS 575/2.



Please contact the business services department at 309-341-5235.