Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President to organize the management of the College. The present structure of management consists of Academic Services, Student Services, Institutional Effectiveness & Human Resources, and Business Services. Each department is directed by an administrator who implements organizational values and serves as a liaison between the President and the staff of the department. The President, Vice President of Academic Services, Vice President of Student Service, Chief Financial Officer and Dean of Institutional Effectiveness/Human Resources form the President's Cabinet.

Board Meeting Dates & Agendas


  • January 23 - Main Campus
  • February 27 - Main Campus
  • March 26 - Main Campus
  • April 23 - Main Campus
  • May 28 - Main Campus
  • June 25 - Main Campus
  • July 23 - The Branch Campus, Carthage
  • August 27 - Main Campus
  • September 24 - Main Campus
  • October 15- Main Campus
  • November 19 - Main Campus
  • December 17 - Main Campus

Special Board Meetings  

Emergency Board Meetings

Board Meeting Archives


For information contact:

Lindsey Huber, Secretary to the Board of Trustees  (309) 341-5213


Board of Trustees

Community College District 518




Thomas H. Colclasure
Elected 1985-2021



Gayla J. Pacheco
Elected 2009-2023


Eurales DeVone 

DeVone Eurales
Appointed 2019




Lee E. Johnson
Elected 2013-2025



Bruce A. Lauerman
Elected 2009-2021


William C. Robinson                                   

William C. Robinson
Elected 2005-2023


Sandra Wood 

Sandra L. Wood
Elected 2011-2023


Olivia Bishop

Olivia Bishop
Student Trustee