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Concourse Syllabus Template 

How to videos listed below with length of video indicated

Please note: To import content from the previous semester to the current semester, use the option "copy"

Broad Overview (12 minutes)

Creating the Concourse Syllabus in Moodle (1.45 minutes)

Editing or Importing to Concourse Syllabus  (2 minutes)

(now use COPY, not IMPORT)

Meeting Times added to  Concourse Syllabus (1.3 minutes)

Contact Information and Office Hours added to Concourse Syllabus (3 minutes)

Course Description and Prerequisites to Concourse Syllabus (1 minute)

Adding Course Objectives to Concourse Syllabus (1 minute)

Adding Materials (Books and Others) to Concourse Syllabus (2 minutes)

Adding Course Evaluation to Concourse Syllabus (6.30 minutes)

Adding Course Policies to Concourse Syllabus (2.45 minutes)

Calculating Student Time Obligation and adding to Concourse Syllabus (1.30 minutes)

Adding Course Schedule to Concourse Syllabus (4.30 minutes)

Institutional Policies/ Adding and Deleting Sections (2 minutes)

Submitting Syllabus for Review (1.5 minutes)



Carl Sandburg College #1 in Technology

Carl Sandburg College, IL. (Enrollment of 5,000 or fewer students) 
Recognizing that most students are tied to their mobile devices, Carl Sandburg College includes a mobile option for all services they offer. The college also offers a learning environment rich with interactive options like gaming, collaborative spaces, virtual reality, and telepresence robots. In addition, the Open Education Resource Course Initiative (OERCI) has saved students almost a half-million dollars in textbook costs to-date.


Instructor Forms and Resources

Accessibility and Online Course Standards Form (all in one!)

For ease of use, the Accessible Online Review Form and Online Course Standards Review Form have been combined. Please note: If you don't teach online, you will be given an option to "skip" this section of the review form!

External Maker Trailer Request Form
Internal Maker Trailer Request Form
Open LMS
Online Course Forms and Standards
Open Education Resources
Technology Innovation Grant 
Technology Equipment-Software Request 
YouTube instructions (creating an account, uploading a video, and closed captioning info)