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Carl Sandburg College Budget


The Annual Budget serves as the financial plan for all funds of the College.  It has been developed utilizing a comprehensive, quality-enhancing approach designed to make the budget easily understood.  We believe the budget information presents the College's future plans and financial impact and includes information that has been suggested by the Board of Trustees, community members, and staff.  All interested parties are encouraged to interact with the College administration.  Interaction among interested groups consistently leads to operational and educational improvements.  The current budget may be opened in PDF format with this link: 2023 Annual Budget, Educational & Financial Plan


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Carl Sandburg College Financial Report


The College's financial reports are prepared in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) principles, which establish standards for external financial reporting for public colleges and universities.  These standards also require that financial statements be presented on a consolidated basis to focus on the College as a whole.  The current Financial Report may be opened in PDF format with this link:   2022 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


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