Foundation Scholarships

Carl Sandburg College's mission is to provide all students with opportunities for success. Part of making education an opportunity is making it affordable. 

Thanks to our generous donors, Carl Sandburg College Foundation is able to award over $100,000 each year in scholarship dollars to Sandburg students. High school, adult learners, and returning students - everyone is eligible to apply. 

The Carl Sandburg College Scholarship Application will open on October 1 and close on June 15 for ALL applicants. The Carl Sandburg College Scholarship Application will have a priority deadline of March 15. If you would like to be considered first, please apply before March 15.


Endowed Scholarships are available each year. Annual scholarships are awarded each year the donor renews their gift. The number of scholarships offered, as well as the elements in each, may vary from year to year. Scholarships are available to students that are planning to attend Carl Sandburg.

Full and Part-Time Attendance

Certain scholarships are based on full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours per semester). Scholarships requiring full-time attendance are noted as such within the scholarship's criteria. There is no minimum amount of credit hours unless the scholarship specifies. 


A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required unless a scholarship criterion specifies higher.

Thank You Letters

Scholarship recipients must thank the donors who have made the scholarship(s) possible. Thank you letters must be received by the Carl Sandburg College Foundation by the date shown on the award letter. The Foundation Office will forward the thank you letters to the donors. You may wish to include the following points in your letter:

  • Express appreciation for the award.
  • Explain how the scholarship will assist you.
  • Share your educational and career goals. 
How to Apply

Carl Sandburg College offers a wide variety of scholarships to qualified students. The following suggestions will make sure you are considered for all of the awards for which you qualify:

  • Complete a Carl Sandburg College application for admission. You must have a current application on file to attend Sandburg and be considered for a scholarship.
  • Fill out the scholarship application completely. Missing information may disqualify you for awards.
  • Be sure to include all information that demonstrates how you match the criteria for all scholarship(s) of interest. 
  • Take your time to fill out the essay about why you deserve a scholarship. 
  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid are necessary for the scholarship awards that require documented financial need.
  • International Students: Please contact our office at 309.341.5327 for specific requirements.

Several scholarships are based on financial need. The scholarship review committee will take into consideration students' financial need as documented by the FAFSA. Any scholarships that are based on financial need will have a listed criterion of demonstrated financial need.


To Apply Online:

Go to
Login using mySandburg
Go to "Student Apps"
Click on the "Scholarship Application" button

Other Scholarship Applications Offered
  1. Promise Application: For individuals who graduate from the following qualifying high school: Galesburg District 205, Galesburg Christian School, or Homeschooled in District 205 Boundaries, United High School, Monmouth-Roseville High School, or Homeschooled in the United or Monmouth-Roseville boundaries
  2. Discover Scholarship Application: For non-traditional students (age 24 years and over)
  3. Presidential Scholarship Application: For high achieving graduating seniors of the Sandburg school district
  4. Mortuary Science Application: For currently enrolled mortuary science students (Oct. 1-Jan. 31)
  5. Dual Credit Success Scholarship Application: For high school seniors who participated in dual credit during high school (Oct. 1-March 15)
Tips for Writing Thank You Letters


  • Can be handwritten or typed, either on a notecard or plain paper.
  • Should be addressed to the appropriate scholarship (i.e., Sundberg Endowment Scholarship) or to the Scholarship Committee.
  • Should be genuine and sincere.

Be sure to:

  • Take the time to write more than just a few sentences.
  • Write a separate thank you for each scholarship you receive.
  • Thank the donor(s) for the specific scholarship(s) you receive.
  • Explain how the scholarship(s) will help you pursue your educational goals.
  • Share your long-term goal of achieving your college degree.
  • Sign your name and do not include your address.

Mail your thank-you letter(s) to:

Scholarship Coordinator
Carl Sandburg College
2400 Tom L Wilson Blvd
Galesburg, IL 61401


Submit your thank-you letter through the scholarship system on your MySandburg portal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all scholarships based on academic excellence?

Some scholarships are based on academic excellence. Others are based on other factors such as financial need, residency, leadership, the program of study, or other requirements.

How many scholarships are available each year?

Endowed scholarships are awarded every year. Other scholarships are available as long as the donor contributes funds.

When can students apply for Carl Sandburg College Foundation Scholarships?

The scholarship applications open on October 1 and close on June 15th. There is a priority deadline of March 15. Preference will be given to students who apply by March 15.

When are scholarship awards made?

For the majority of scholarships, recipient selection is usually completed by mid-April. Students will be notified by email if they are selected to receive a scholarship. Email notifications will be sent to the student's Sandburg email address. Students must log in and accept their scholarship awards.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

A scholarship review committee comprised of Carl Sandburg College Foundation Board of Directors volunteers screens the applications. The committee reviews the scholarships once the application closes and we try to make decisions by mid-April. 

Do I need to accept or deny my scholarship award?

Yes. Scholarship awards are sent through your Sandburg email. You must log in and accept or deny your scholarship award by the deadline shown on your award notice. If you do not accept by that date, your scholarship could be re-awarded. 

How is financial need determined?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is required for scholarship awards that are based on documented financial need. You can file online at Please call the financial aid office for assistance, 309.341.5283. 

If I am awarded a scholarship, how long will I receive funding?

Scholarship awards begin in the fall semester immediately following your notification and acceptance of the award(s) and will also be available in the spring semester. Once the academic year concludes, your scholarship funding will cease. You must reapply for scholarships each year. The scholarship application will open on October 1 of each year. 



For more information about scholarships, contact the Foundation Office at 309.341.5327.