Financial Aid Forms

The forms below require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded for free. The links will allow you to fill in and print out your form(s) from your computer. Read, date and sign your forms before you submit them to the Financial Aid Office. 

Contact our office should you have any questions regarding financial aid. Return completed forms to: 

Sandburg Financial Aid
2400 Tom L. Wilson Boulevard
Galesburg, IL 61401
Phone: 309.341.5283
FAX: 309.344.2529

When filling out forms and applications, please read instructions carefully. Follow those instructions using accurate information. Make sure all forms are filled out completely. Serious delays may result due to inaccurate, incorrect or missing information

  • It is important that we receive your documents as soon as possible. There are deadlines in which to receive forms for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid office to find out the deadline for the current school year.
  • Please allow two weeks to process the requested forms. In some instances, we may have to ask for additional information. It is the student’s responsibility to pay tuition and fees until financial aid is in place.
  • If students do not understand the financial aid process, they can request help from the Financial Aid Office.

2020-2021 Financial Aid Forms 

2019-2020 Financial Aid Forms 

19-20 Asset Information Parents
19-20 Asset Information Students
19-20 Bachelor's Degree Confirmation
19-20 Certification of High School Home School High school Equivalency Completion
19-20 Child Support Received
19-20 Dependents You Support
19-20 Dependent Student Requesting Unsubsidized Loan
19-20 Enrollment History Verification
19-20 Financial Aid Information Release Form
19-20 Home School Determination for Galesburg Promise or Walter or Rose Sampson Promise
19-20 Independent Student Appeal Form
19-20 Independent Student Appeal Renewal Form
19-20 Ineligible Educational Goals    
19-20 Ineligible Program of Study (subject to change)
19-20 Instructions on Authorized User (Proxy) Set Up
19-20 Jump Start Financial Aid Advance Summer
19-20 Low Income Explanation Parent
19-20 Low Income Explanation Student
19-20 Non-Filer Independent Tax Statement
19-20 Non-Filer Student Tax Statement
19-20 Parent Plus Loan Request
19-20 Parent Child Support Paid Verification 
19-20 Parent's Illinois Residency Verification
19-20 Parent Marital Status Verification
19-20 Parent Non-Filer Tax Statement
19-20 Request Waiver Out-of-District Knox Monmouth Enrollment
19-20 Request Waiver Out-of-District Tuition
19-20 Special Conditions Form 
19-20 Student Child Support Paid Verification
19-20 Student's Illinois Residency Verification
19-20 Student Marital Status Verification
19-20 Untaxed Income Dependent Student
19-20 Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Verification
19-20 Verification Worksheet Independent Number in Family
19-20 Verification Worksheet Dependent Number in Family