Marketing Request Form

The MPR office is here to fulfill all of your marketing and public relations needs. We kindly ask that you please fill out an MPR request form for all marketing requests you have. A minimum lead-time of 6-8 weeks is required for projects that are more than one page and require graphic design. Other requests can usually be completed with 2-3 weeks lead-time. We do our best work when we have adequate time, and anything less will not allow us to do so.

If you would like to request a meeting with the Marketing Department, have any questions, or need assistance with the MPR form, please contact Sherry Morris at 309.345.8513 or

** Unless otherwise specified, the MPR Office will decide which avenues to promote your upcoming event.

When filling out the following form please make sure to complete the entire form taking special note of required fields. If you do not fill out the required fields the form will not submit. Once a properly completed form is submitted you will receive an automated email. any questions please feel free to reach out to