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Student Organizations

Student organizations at Carl Sandburg College offer the opportunity to take your learning outside the classroom walls, gain new skills, build your professional resume, and meet fellow students! Academic, recreational, and special interest-focused organizations can meet many interests.


Associate Degree Nursing Club-1st Year

This club is for first-year RN students. We will meet to keep us all informed and together on our classes’ activities, study groups, and any professional medical seminars or exhibits that would benefit us as nursing students.

Advisor: Christina Stone, 309.341.5292 or


Associate Degree Nursing Club-2nd Year

To promote and foster the future of professional nursing with visionary leadership, elevating the level of community health knowledge, and unity through social and cultural activities.

Advisor: Christina Stone, 309.341.5292 or


Art Club

The Carl Sandburg College Art Club is an art interest-oriented group dedicated to express, enhance, and explore the talent of its members.  It is a blank canvas and is completely open to member’s interpretation and imaginative expertise. It promises to remain a relaxed, open, and stimulating environment where club members bond through a common interest. 

Advisor: Lisa Walker, 309.341.5303 or


Black Student Association (BSA)

The Black Student Association (BSA) is an organization that focuses on providing a better scholastic, cultural, political, and social life for students of color at Carl Sandburg College. Overall the organization strives to enhance the general welfare of all culturally diverse populations while promoting high scholastic standards and nurturing unity and pride among African American students.

Given that, BSA also is concerned with the entire student population and its diversity. BSA is here to be of service to the minds and bodies of the entire community on campus and off. All bold, bright, and brave students can unite under the organization to act in a concerted effort to improve multiculturalism at Carl Sandburg College and all the issues and concerns that lie within that term in the new millennium. Open to all students of all cultures in order to promote intercultural communication and friendships!!!

Advisors:  Anthony Law, 309.341.5439 or


Criminal Justice Club

This club is designed for any student, regardless of major, who shares an interest in the Criminal Justice Field. The Criminal Justice Club gives students a better insight into different career paths available in the field. The organization also gives students the ability to make connections with outside agencies and volunteer with local community programs as well as the opportunity to participate in many club activities from police ride-along to prison tours. Students will have the opportunity to create extended bonds that could continue past graduation.

The mission of the Criminal Justice Club, in conjunction with Carl Sandburg College, is to provide all students with opportunities for success. The shared core values of excellence, collaboration, integrity, and respect are embedded in each student.

Advisor: Christopher Barber 309.341.5313 or


Drama Club

The mission of Drama Club is to foster excellence in theatre practice and tradition by creating theatre, seeing theatre, and encouraging theatrical activity on our campus for the personal and professional benefit of its members and the larger student body.

Advisor: Robbie Thompson 309.341.5287 or


Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Carl Sandburg College Gay-Straight Alliance (also known as the GSA) brings students of different sexual orientations and gender identities together to meet new people, network with like-minded individuals, and accept each other’s uniqueness in a lively, safe, and relaxing environment.  This club also promises to serve as a support group for those dealing with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) issues, homophobic harassment, or those questioning their sexual orientation and identity.  By raising awareness of different sexual orientations and gender identities, it serves as a platform to make the general population more aware of the LGBT community.

Advisor: Lara Roemer 309.341.5219 or


Hispanic Latino Student Association (HLSA)

This student organization focuses on providing a desire to share the rich culture and heritage of Hispanic Latino students and to establish cross-cultural communication between other cultures. To provide academic, and social activities that will benefit the Hispanic Latino students in the community. Open to all students of all cultures in order to promote intercultural communication and friendships!

Advisor:  Anthony Law, 309.341.5439 or


Esta organización estudiantil se centra en proporcionar un deseo de compartir la rica cultura y el patrimonio de los estudiantes latinos hispanos y para establecer la comunicación intercultural entre otras culturas. Proporcionar actividades académicas y sociales que beneficien a los estudiantes latinos hispanos en la comunidad. Abierto a todos los estudiantes de todas las culturas con el fin de promover la comunicación y la amistad intercultural!

For additional information: Martin Lopez, HLSA President


Men of Distinction (MOD)

The purpose of MOD is to continually strengthen the bonds between men; develop leaders through community service, while increasing cultural awareness both academically and socially on Carl Sandburg College's campus and throughout the community. MOD is a premier honorary organization that is focused primarily on building relationships with first- and second-year students to help them become successful throughout their college experience. This is an organization that stands for excellence, collaboration, integrity, and respect.

Advisor: Anthony Law 309.341.5439 or


Model Illinois Government (MIG)

The purpose of MIG is to promote the education of students in the field of government at the state level through immersion in a simulated environment, promote public speaking and other interpersonal skills, compete at the state level with other colleges and universities in the fields of debate, law, and campaigning, foster excellence in academics, professionalism, and leadership, and uphold the MIG state standards in professional, political, and personal conduct.

Advisor: Lara Roemer 309.341.5219 or


Phi Theta Kappa

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide an opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Phi Theta Kappa's mission is two-fold: (1) recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and (2) provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming.

Advisor: Lara Roemer 309.341.5219 or


Quills Writing Club

The Quills Writing Club (QWC) believes in the importance of creativity through writing, providing a creative space for individuals to express themselves through creative freedom, and a place for all those to come together to create, inspire and write.

Advisor: Sharon Trotter-Martin 309.341.5358 or


Radiologic Technology Club

The purpose of the Sandburg Society for Student Radiologic Technologists is to provide information for students interested in Radiologic Technology and to discuss values for the betterment of society and the profession.

Advisor: Jackie Whipple 309.341.5222 or


Sandburg Forum

The Sandburg Forum's mission is to meet, discuss, and learn from others' ideas or agendas.

Advisor: Anthony Law 309.341.5439 or


Sandburg Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT)

The Sandburg Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) mission is to connect current students and alumni through networking, philanthropic, and social activities and events for the benefit of the Carl Sandburg College community. STAT will uphold the values of excellence, collaboration, integrity, and respect by giving their time for others while reflecting a positive image of Carl Sandburg College.

Advisor: Kim McIntire 309.341.5327 or


Sandburg Tech Squad

The Sandburg Tech Squad's mission is to actively participate and promote knowledge and skills within the information communication technology field throughout our club activities. Members work to become leaders and set examples for the community as professionals in valuing our lifelong learning process while helping and providing services to the whole campus community.

Advisor: Dr. Suvineetha Herath 309.341.5269 or


Sigma Phi Sigma

The purpose and mission of Sigma Phi Sigma are to promote professionalism, knowledge, and fellowship within the mortuary science profession.

Advisor: Tim Krause 309.345.8501 or



The purpose of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Club is to encourage students to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers using hands-on activities that are both fun and challenging.

Advisor: Dr. Suvineetha Herath 309.341.5269 or


Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)

The Student American Dental Hygiene Association's purpose is to cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene, to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the dental hygiene profession, and contribute toward the improvement of oral health of the public. Students eligible are those students currently enrolled in the Carl Sandburg College Dental Hygiene program.

Advisor: Stacy Kosier 309.344.2246 or


Veterans Club

The purpose of the Veterans Club is to provide education and outreach for Student Veterans and Military Personnel here at Carl Sandburg College. It will offer a support system for student veterans and military personnel and promote awareness of veteran issues.

Advisor: Michelle Erickson 309.341.5283 or


Welding Club

The purpose of the Welding Club is to promote welding, fabrication, and metal sculpture.

Advisor: Bart Slye 309.341.5477 or


Women of Character (WOC)

The purpose of WOC is to continually strengthen the bonds between women; develop leaders through community service, while increasing cultural awareness both academically and socially on Carl Sandburg College's campus and throughout the community. WOC is a premier honorary organization that is focused primarily on building relationships with first- and second-year students to help them become successful throughout their college experience. This is an organization that stands for excellence, collaboration, integrity, and respect.

Advisor: Anthony Law 309.341.5439 or

Start your own Student Organization today!

If you want to get more involved on campus and haven't found a club that meets your needs, it is easy to start a new one. You may be surprised to learn how many others share your interests!

Benefits of Registering a New Organization:
  • Access to campus facilities for meetings and events
  • Assistance with publicity on campus
  • Tools for fundraising and recruitment


Before you Register:
  • Check the Current Organizations tab to see if a similar club exists.
  • Identify your leadership. Each club must have a roster of officers and one Sandburg employee advisor.


How to start a student organization at Carl Sandburg College

Application to start a new student organization

Constitution Checklist for new student organizations


For more information about Student Organizations, contact:
Coordinator of Student Life, 309.341.5332 or

Managing Your Student Organization


Whether you started a new organization or joined an existing club, there are things every student organization needs to do to manage itself and its members.


Student Organization Annual Renewal

Student organizations at Sandburg are required to complete the annual renewal form each fall semester to remain active and be eligible for the Student Government Association (SGA) funding. Forms can be submitted via email to the Coordinator of Student Life and Advisor of SGA.

Student Organization Application for New & Returning Organizations


Student Organization Constitutions

Student organizations are required to have a Constitution on file with the Office of Student Life in order to be eligible for SGA funding. Constitutions are meant to guide and govern the organization. For a list of what to include on your student organization's constitution, check out this helpful Constitution Checklist.


Student Organization Funding Requests

Student organizations that have a current constitution and renewal form on file with the Office of Student Life are eligible to request funding from SGA to help support club activities for the academic year, for things such as larger events, supplies, conferences, etc. SGA awards funding requests throughout the academic year dependent upon funding availability at the time of the request. Student organizations must complete a Funding Request Form and submit it to SGA for review.

Student Organization Funding Request for SGA


 Student Organization Fundraisers: On Campus

Student organizations are encouraged to initiate fundraisers on campus and in our community to support programs, causes, or events. Successful fundraisers involve planning ahead, advertising, simple ideas, and creativity. Here are some ideas for on-campus fundraiser's:

  • Activity Nights
  • Bake Sale
  • Bracelet Sales
  • Candy Bar Sales
  • Car Wash
  • Face Painting
  • Raffles (May require Raffle License with Knox County. Click here for more information.)
  • Rummage Sales
  • Talent Showcase
  • T-Shirt Sales


Student Organization Fundraisers: Off-Campus/Community

Before soliciting local businesses for any donations, Student Organizations must complete an External Funding Request form and have approval from the Foundation Office. Solicitations include but are not limited to goods or services for an event, monetary donations, coupon sales, or bagging groceries/busing tables for tips. Contact the Foundation Office for questions and information about eligible businesses. 309.341.5349

External Funding Request Procedures & Form


Student Organization Handbook

Questions ranging from how to reserve a room for your meeting to how to have your event flyers printed on campus to sample meeting agendas...the Student Organization Handbook is here with the answers!

Student Organization Handbook


Student Organizations and Student Government Association (SGA)

Student organizations are encouraged to regularly send representatives to SGA meetings to be kept current on on-campus issues, funding, and leadership opportunities. SGA governs all student organizations on campus and makes decisions that impact student organizations and their membership. Check the SGA page for the most up-to-date meeting times and Executive Board information.

Event Planning

Strategic event planning can be the difference between an average event and a spectacular success. Building a strategy based on the information below early on in the process will go a long way toward carrying the initial excitement all the way through to the big day.

  • Appeal
    • Who is your audience?
    • What promotional items will attract your audience?
    • Do the promotional items convey or reinforce the image of your event (fun, informational, dealing with controversial issues, entertaining)?
  • Timing
    • How much lead time do you have (for printing deadlines, etc.)?
    • When should your publicity and/or advertising be released?
      • Should it all go out at once?
      • Should the information go out in phases?
  • Location
    • What are traffic patterns on and off-campus?
    • What would be easily accessible for your audience?
    • Where is the best place for your audience to pay attention to your promotional materials?
  • Information
    • How much should be printed? How little?
    • Is the information clear and accurate?
  • People Power
    • Do you have a sufficient amount of individuals to work on publicity, promotion, and advertising strategies?
    • Who will put up publicity and when?
  • Budget
    • Do you have sufficient funds to cover promotional expenses?
    • Will the projected response be worth the potential costs?
  • Restrictions
    • Are there any contractual restrictions imposed by a performer?
    • Are there any campus promotion rules or regulations to consider?

Promotional Materials

Make sure all of your promotional materials address these key questions:

  • Who: Who is sponsoring the event?
  • What: What is the event?
  • Where: Where is the event?
  • When: When is the event?
  • Why: Why is this event important?
  • How: How can others get more information?

Promoting Your Event

When your organization is ready to begin promoting your event, all materials (both electronic and paper) must be approved by the Sandburg Marketing Department prior to distributing and posting on campus. Complete a Marketing Request Form to submit any materials for review and approval and request specific marketing services such as printing, social media and TV monitor postings, and photography at your event. The Marketing Staff can provide further directions on specific formatting and file types needed for posting material online and on campus. Contact the Marketing Department for questions or more information. 309.345.8513 or


Word of Mouth

Everyone in your organization should act as ambassadors to promote your event. Genuine excitement creates curiosity! Approach people in the Student Center, Loft Cafe, campus lounges, or while walking to and from class. Can this be intimidating and/or uncomfortable? Sure, but if you are not excited about your event, how can you expect others to be excited enough about it to consider attending? Take a risk. Step out of your comfort zone.


Electronic Promotion

An easy way to promote your event is to ask Sandburg's Marketing Department to announce it online through campus social media platforms and through the TV monitors on campus. The process is easy if you plan ahead. Work with your advisor to fill out the Marketing Request Form and submit it to the Marketing Department at least two weeks before your event.


Paper Promotion

Your promotional material should look professional. Campus computers are equipped with tools like Microsoft Word and Publisher. Working with these programs is fairly simple with a little practice. Check with members of your club to find expertise in creating promotional materials. Remember to have others review your work to eliminate mistakes and to ensure no information has been forgotten before submitting your materials to the Marketing Department for final approval.

  • Posters
    Creating posters with a visual appeal can grab the attention of others. With approval from the Marketing Department, the use of bulletin boards around campus may be a great place to publicize your events. Contact the Office of Student Life for more information. 309.341.5332 or
  • Table Tents
    You may wish to create table tents and place them in the Student Center, Loft Cafe, campus lounges, and in other customer service areas on campus. Remember to get approval to place these items from both the Marketing Department and the respective staff members of those areas.
  • Flyers
    Handbills and flyers may be useful to pass out as you talk to others about your event. These can even be left in the Student Center, Loft Cafe, campus lounges, and in other customer service areas on campus where others can pick them up. Again, be sure to get approval from the Marketing Department to print your handbills or flyers before distributing them on campus.
  • Approval
    Be sure to check with the respective staff ahead of time to get approval if you are leaving any items in any campus area. Make sure your printed material can remain until the date of your event. If you are leaving items in any of the lounge areas, talk to the Office of Student Life to make sure custodial staff does not throw out your publicity pieces when they clean each day. Check each location every few days to see if you need to replace your table tents and posters or replenish your handouts.


Marketing Department
Office A 009

Planning Events & Other Organization Activities

Student organizations planning events, meetings, fundraisers, or other activities must follow the College event planning procedures. Please review this information below and/or download a copy of the printable version of the Event Planning Procedures linked below.


Planning an Event at Sandburg

1. Reserve the room/space on campus through Astra Room Scheduling and make sure the desired date is available. Only Sandburg faculty and staff have access to this service. Contact your advisor to complete, or contact the Coordinator of Student Life at 309.341.5332 or


2. Submit a Work Order for all necessary equipment and room setup needs no later than (2) weeks prior to the event. *NOTE: Even if the event does not require a different setup than what is typically in the space, a Work Order MUST STILL be submitted reflecting this information (i.e. B Lobby Tabling, a Work Order must be submitted requesting a table in that location). Only Sandburg faculty and staff have access to this service. Contact your advisor to complete, or contact the Coordinator of Student Life at 309.341.5332 or


3. Submit a Marketing Request Form no later than (2) weeks prior to the event. If your event is open to anyone outside of your student organization, a Marketing Request Form must be submitted to provide event information to Marketing (including fundraiser's!). Complete the Marketing Request Form and/or contact the Marketing Department for any questions. 309.341.5328


4. Submit an Audio/Visual Request Form no later than (1) week prior to the event. If your event requires any kind of technology (i.e. microphones, projector, computers, etc.) an Audio/Visual Request Form must be completed. Contact the IT Department for an Audio/Visual Request Form or for any questions. or 309.341.5457


5. If food is being planned for the event, Student Organizations must go through Boxcar Express for any food/drink needs. Complete a Catering Request Form and submit to Boxcar Express no later than (2) weeks prior to the event. View the Catering Menu for pricing and options. For questions, contact the Boxcar Express manager at or 309.341.5284


Full Description of Event Planning Procedures


 Helpful Tools:

Event Planning Form

Event Planning Check-List

Event Planning Summary Report