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Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology is OFFERED AT Illinois Central College - PEORIA CAMPUS 

Students may begin by taking their general education courses at Sandburg and then transfer to Illinois Central College in Peoria to work towards a certificate or applied science degree in surgical technology. 

Each student receives a variety of clinical experiences in all the surgical specialties at area hospitals. Qualified instructors work with students at each clinical location. ICC's program is a fast-paced, demanding curriculum requiring higher-order thinking processes.

Graduates of the Surgical Technology program may seek employment in a variety of health care settings. Career opportunities include major operating room surgical suites, outpatient surgical facilities, obstetrical departments, oral surgeon/plastic surgeon surgical suites, private scrub for a surgeon, diener (help pathologist during an autopsy), and harvesting team for the Red Cross.

Please visit Illinois Central College's website to learn more about this program.