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Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Resources

Student organizations at Carl Sandburg College offer the opportunity to take your learning outside the classroom walls, gain new skills, build your professional resume and meet fellow students! Academic, recreational and special interest focused organizations can meet many interests. Check out the Student Organization Page for a complete listing of active student organizations at Sandburg.


Student Organization Annual Renewal

Student organizations at Sandburg are required to complete the annual renewal form each fall semester to remain active and be eligible for Student Government Association (SGA) funding. Forms can be submitted via email to Coordinator of Student Life and Advisor of SGA.


Student Organization Application for New & Returning Organizations


Student Organization Constitutions

Student organizations are required to have a Constitution on file with the Office of Student Life in order to be eligible for SGA funding. Constitutions are meant to guide and govern the organization. For a list of what to include on your student organization's constitution, check out this helpful Constitution Checklist.


Student Organization Funding Requests

Student organizations who have a current constitution and renewal form on file with the Office of Student Life are eligible to request funding from SGA to help support club activities for the academic year, for things such as larger events, supplies, conferences, etc. SGA awards funding request in the Fall of each academic year. Student organizations must complete a Funding Request Form and submit it to SGA for review.


Student Organization Funding Request for SGA PDF

Student Organization Funding Request for SGA Word Doc


Student Organization Fundraisers: On Campus

Student organizations are encouraged to initiate fundraisers on campus and in our community to support programs, causes or events. Successful fundraisers involve planning ahead, advertising, simple ideas, and creativity. Here are some ideas for on-campus fundraisers:

  • Activity Nights
  • Bake Sale
  • Bracelet Sales
  • Candy Bar Sales
  • Car Wash
  • Face Painting
  • Raffles (Requires Raffle License with Knox County. Click here for more information.)
  • Rummage Sales
  • Talent Showcase
  • T-Shirt Sales


Student Organization Fundraisers: Off Campus/Community

Before soliciting local businesses for any donations, Student Organizations must complete an External Funding Request form and have approval from the Foundation Office. Solicitations include but are not limited to goods or services for an event, monetary donations, coupon sales, or bagging groceries/bussing tables for tips. Contact the Foundation Office for questions and information about eligible businesses. 309.341.5349


External Funding Request Procedures & Form


Student Organization Handbook

Questions ranging from how to reserve a room for your meeting to how to have your event flyers printed on campus to sample meeting agendas...the Student Organization Handbook is here with the answers!

Student Organization Handbook


Student Organizations and Student Government Association (SGA)

Student organizations are encouraged to regularly send representatives to SGA meetings to be current on campus issues, funding and leadership opportunities. SGA governs all student organizations on campus and makes decisions that impact student organizations and their membership. Check the SGA page for the most up to date meeting times and Executive Board information.