Disability Support

Disability Support


In compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the amended Americans with Disabilities Act, Sandburg’s disability support offers student with disabilities accommodations deemed reasonable in relation to the proven impact of the disability. Carl Sandburg College strives to provide a process for accessing disability support that is not burdensome to individuals seeking assistance.

In order to gain disability support:



  1. Contact the Coordinator of Academic Support, Jake Runge (phone: 309-341-5262, email: jrunge@sandburg.edu, Galesburg Campus Office B68). The Coordinator of Academic Support and the student will work together to determine the nature of the disability, whether it limits access to the classroom, and what accommodations could potentially be offered.
    • If possible, schedule a time to meet in person.
    • If a visit to the Galesburg campus is difficult to make, correspondence via phone and email may substitute.
  2. Submit documentation if the disability is not immediately apparent. Documentation should come from a qualifying professional and should be “current” in that it realistically reflects present impact of disability and “relevant,” meaning the documentation supports the accommodation requests made by the student.
    • A student who has an immediately apparent disability is not required to complete this step unless the student is requesting services unrelated to the apparent disability.
    • A student on the branch campus may submit documentation to Ellen Henderson-Gasser, who will forward them to the Coordinator of Academic Support.
  3. Submit additional/updated documentation if necessary. If documentation submitted at step 2 is not current, relevant, or completed by a qualifying professional, the student may in some cases be asked to submit additional documentation. Occasionally, depending on the circumstances, the student may be offered provisional accommodations.


After-intake Accommodation Process:

  1. Sign an information release each semester. Since FERPA regulations do not allow the Coordinator of Academic Support to freely communicate information regarding a student’s accommodations with others, the student must authorize the Coordinator to communicate this information to the student’s instructors.
    • While it is possible to complete this step at any time, it is best to do so a few weeks prior to the semester’s start to ensure that accommodations are in place at the beginning of the class.
    • Students in or around Galesburg can complete this paperwork with Jake Runge in office B68. Students at the branch campuses can schedule a time to complete this paperwork with Ellen Henderson-Gasser.
    • This is the time to finalize any details a student may have questions about concerning accommodations.
  2. Within the first week of class, student should verify that instructors received documentation and discuss accommodations. The instructor may not deny accommodations unless the accommodation conflicts with a fundamental element of the course. However, if a student meets with any difficulty in accessing accommodations, the student should contact the Coordinator of Academic Support immediately.
  3. If at any time in the semester, a student feels that the accommodations are being provided but are not sufficient to grant access to the course, the student should contact the Coordinator of Academic Support to determine if there may be other options.