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Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, Respect.

Delta Psi Omega

Drama Club students

Drama Club: Delta Psi Omega


Drama Club is a community of students who collaborate on creative projects to support our campus theatre productions. We strive to:

  • support theatre productions on campus
  • provide theatre viewing activities for students
  • local chapter of Delta Psi Omega


What is DPO?  Delta Psi Omega is the National Two-Year College Theatre Honor Society and students involved with theatre at Sandburg earn points for every activity they’re a part of and are then inducted into this prestigious society.  The Induction Ceremony is held every May and is a formal event open to the public.   Students earn points for their work on each show, maintaining a high GPA, for community service, for being involved in other shows and for their club service.


Who can participate?  DPO is open to all students and we encourage your  participation even if you don’t think of yourself as a theatre person.


What skills do I need to be involved?  There’s more to theatre than acting and we need students with skills or an interest in photography, construction trades,  box office management, sewing and costume design and anything else you can think of! We also need students who are good at organizing events and people and those who possess good leadership skills. If you have a skill, its likely the theatre can use you! And if you don’t, what a great place to learn!


What do you do?  Typical activities of DPO include viewing other college theatre productions and then discussing them afterwards over dinner. We also do some fund-raising for travel or equipment purchases. And everyone in DPO helps out with the campus productions lending a hand wherever they can.


Do you have officers?   Yes, we have five offices available:    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Representative to the Student Government Association.


Who are your officers?   For the 2010-2011 academic year our officers are:  

  • President:  Daniel Lefler
  • Vice President:  Erica Baumgardner
  • Secretary:  Taylor Siedel
  • Treasurer:  Megan Sosa


When do you meet?    We meet twice a month on an irregular schedule.   Those interested may join the email list to receive updates on DPO Activities.  Please email DPO Advisor Ms. Sharp at