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Summer Program

Gale Scholars group photo

Summer Program


Students who will be juniors attend a two week summer school program at Carl Sandburg College. Session topics include career exploration and college planning and preparation. Students experience field trips, guest speakers, career inventories, and learning style assessments to help them explore college resources and plan for the educational path ahead.


In the summer of 2016, fifteen students participated in a very busy two weeks at Carl Sandburg College. Students completed the Smarter Measure Assessment as well as the Career Cruising Assessment, followed by sessions on academic planning and developing college study skills. Students also looked ahead at their degree requirements for Carl Sandburg College and Knox College for their chosen fields of study.


Students also learned about the steps to complete financial aid applications and how to budget for college expenses. The week also included scavenger hunts on Sandburg and Knox's campuses, as well as an etiquette brunch at Knox College. A group of Sandburg professors also hosted a breakfast meeting with the Gale Scholars where the students had an opportunity to learn what will be expected of them in the college environment.


At the end of the two-week program, students attended a teambuilding BBQ hosted at Knox College.