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Sandburg Interviews Included in State Oral History Project

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July 14, 2014
GALESBURG — The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library’s Oral History Program recently released a new collection of interviews, including four from Carl Sandburg College, telling the story of community colleges in Illinois.

President Dr. Lori Sundberg, former Professors Dr. Norman Burdick and Frederick Visel, and former Associate Dean Darrell Clevidence are among the 62 teachers, administrators and legislators whose interviews are included as part of Education is Key-Community Colleges.

The project aligns with the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Illinois community college system and highlights its involvement with educating women, minorities, seniors and its evolution into the premier community college system in the country, including 39 districts, 48 individual colleges and one consortium serving over one million students each year. In the state of Illinois, more students are enrolled in community colleges than in the state’s four-year institutions. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library’s Oral History Program, including Education is Key-Community Colleges can be found at

President Sundberg speaks about her experience as a student, employee and eventual President of Carl Sandburg College and its relationship with the surrounding community, Clevidence’s interview touches on being involved in the development of the curriculum and academic programs at Sandburg to his eventual time as Athletic Director at the college and the effort to bridge the gap between the faculty and athletic departments. Professors Burdick and Visel speak about the evolving role of faculty members, union negotiations, academic regulations and the transition from downtown into the current facilities at the main campus.

“Community Colleges have a power and they have a reach that no other institution of higher education has. We meet people at a variety of places in their lives and we provide education to them. It’s an inspiring place to be,” reflected Sundberg during her interview.

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Dr. Lori Sundberg interview

Dr. Norm Burdick interview

Darrell Clevidence interview

Frederick Visel interview