Sandburg Announces Winners of 24th Annual Poetry Awards

April 19, 2013
GALESBURG—Winners of the 24th annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards were honored at a ceremony Thursday evening at the Student Center on the College’s Main Campus in Galesburg.

Winners were selected in three divisions: elementary (first through fifth grade), intermediate (sixth through 12th grade) and adult. Contest winners were invited to read their poems and accepted their certificates and prizes that were donated by Sandburg. All winning poems were published in a booklet that was distributed at the ceremony.


24th annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards
Elementary Division

1st place — Kaylee Miller (Galesburg), “Turning 14”
2nd place — Eli Asplund (Farmington), “Imagine”
3rd place — Grace Palmer (Galesburg), “Green”


Intermediate Division
1st place — AJ Pamatmat (Galesburg), “Under the Stars…”
2nd place — Tyler Natof (Rio), “Evening”
3rd place — Tori G. Loving (East Galesburg), “Nothing”
Honorable mention — Cody A. Natof (Rio), “Change-A Question”; Jacob Allen (Galesburg), “The Clown”; Ryan Earp (Galesburg), “Reflections”


Adult Division
1st place — Gary M. Armstrong (Galesburg), “Woodcarver”
2nd place — Rebecca Logue (Chillicothe), “HEROES”
3rd place — Robert Severin (Monmouth), “THE PASSING OF TIME”
Honorable mention — Cynthia Tottleben (Toulon), “Mother”; George Tanner (Yates City), “the kiss”



Winners from the 24th Annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards gather for a group photo Thursday night in the Crist Student Center at Carl Sandburg College. Front row, left to right: Rebecca Logue, Tori Loving, Ryan Earp, Jacob Allen, Cody Natof, Kaylee Miller and Cynthia Tottleben. Back row, l-r: AJ Pamatmat, Tyler Natof, Gary Armstrong and George Tanner.