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Sandburg’s Hanson to Assist With Financial Aid Project

Lisa Hanson

Sept. 5, 2012
GALESBURG—Carl Sandburg College director of financial aid Lisa Hanson has been invited to assist the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators with a new policy initiative to examine and improve current systems of aid design and delivery.


A grant for the initiative was awarded to NASFAA by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a larger project, Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery. The RADD project’s goals are to shift the national conversation on federal financial aid toward a reform agenda that focuses on achieving better outcomes for students and to design innovative policy ideas in service of the first goal.


Hanson will be a part of the discussion group associated with the RADD project. The group will work with NASFAA staff to examine current financial aid programs and consider policy ideas related to achieving the project’s goals. The 10-person group will form a report to be released in early 2013 that will comprise input, suggestions and feedback from NASFAA members and other higher education members. Those recommendations will then be incorporated into the feedback from other groups participating in the RADD project.


NASFAA represents nearly 20,000 financial aid professionals at 2,800 colleges, universities and career schools across the country. Financial aid professionals help more than 16 million students receive funding for post-secondary education each year.