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Marasa Named Sandburg Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year

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May 16, 2014
GALESBURG—Paul Marasa has been named the 2014 Carl Sandburg College Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year after students and fellow faculty members nominated Marasa for his outstanding work in the classroom. Marasa was introduced as the winner during the 46th annual Carl Sandburg College Commencement on Thursday at Galesburg High School.

Marasa has taught English at Sandburg since 1998, and he’s served as the writing coordinator for the TRIO Achievement Program at Knox College since 1993. Marasa graduated with a bachelor’s in English from St. Joseph’s University in 1978, and he earned his master’s in English from Indiana University in 1984. He published a three-volume e-book, “The Constant Viewer: Excerpts From an Imaginary Cinema Diary, 1876-Present,” in 2013.

“I come here at the end of my work day at Knox College, and (the students) bring my energy up, they get me going and I’m able to be a better teacher because of it,” Marasa said. “Whenever I teach, I always try to remember what it was like to be a student. Students want to be engaged and see somebody in the front of the classroom who is loving the material and hoping they’ll do the same. I try to bring a sense of fun and a sense of engagement to the material.

“I’ve taught at a lot of institutions in a lot of different settings, from gigantic, state universities to small, private colleges, and whenever I teach at a two-year college I’m reminded of what the fundamental job is and the opportunity that my students give me every semester.”

Carl Sandburg College Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year Recipients
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Paul Marasa

Paul Marasa