Literacy Coalition

Literacy Coalition


The Carl Sandburg College Literacy Coalition provides trained volunteer tutors for adults who are 17 and older, not in public school and test below ninth grade or a Student Performance Level 7 for English language learners. Areas of tutoring include reading, writing, spelling, math, job skills, English as a second language and U.S. citizenship. Tutoring, books and materials are free of charge.


The 16-hour required tutor training prepares volunteers for tutoring individuals or small groups, meets the standards of the Illinois State Library Literacy Office and ProLiteracy Worldwide and is also free of charge. Volunteers complete a preference form indicating when they are available, where they would like to meet and what subjects they are interested in tutoring. Volunteers are required to attend at least one advanced training session each year after their first year to remain current in research-based tutoring practices. Training is transferrable to virtually any literacy program in the world and is an excellent credential for school and job applications.


Adult learners and volunteers meet at least once a week. Tutoring takes place seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at public sites throughout the community. Adult learners can work with more than one tutor, and volunteers can have more than one tutoring assignment.


The Literacy Coalition’s main office is located at The Learning Center at Galesburg’s Sandburg Mall. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, evenings and weekends by appointment. Offices are also located at the Branch Campus in Carthage and the Extension Center in Bushnell.


Basic volunteer tutor training will be scheduled for Sunday afternoons in September and October. Please contact us for more information.


Karen Avalos, literacy coordinator,
Carlos Duncan, outreach worker,

The Learning Center
Sandburg Mall
1150 W. Carl Sandburg Dr.
Galesburg, Ill.