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43rd GED Commencement May 15 at Orpheum Theatre

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May 9, 2013
GALESBURG—Gwen Koehler, former dean of adult and developmental education at Carl Sandburg College, will be the speaker for the 43rd GED Commencement at 7 p.m. May 15 at the Orpheum Theatre, 57 S. Kellogg St., Galesburg. The ceremony will honor 91 students who passed the GED requirements, and a reception will follow in the Kensington Ballroom, located adjacent to the Orpheum.

Koehler has been an educator in Illinois for more than 35 years. She began her career by teaching teenagers at high school, middle school and a juvenile detention center. For the last 30 years, Koehler has been involved with adult education. She has worked as a GED teacher, literacy volunteer trainer, program coordinator, adult education director and community college dean.

Koehler worked at Sandburg from 1995 to 2006 and was named the 2004 Illinois Adult and Continuing Educators Association Administrator of the Year. She also won the 2012 IACEA President’s Award for her contributions to adult education and retired last year as executive dean of continuing and professional education at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake. As a retiree, Koehler continues to work part-time with adult students and plans to continue to do so for many years to come.

Koehler has a bachelor’s degree in English education and master’s in vocational and technical education from the University of Illinois. Her late husband, Rick, also was an educator and taught chemistry part-time at Sandburg. An award in his name is given annually to the student involved in Sandburg theater who most clearly demonstrates an appreciation on or offstage for the teamwork, positive attitude and professionalism required of those in theater.

This year’s GED graduates are:


Brad E. Ackman, Galesburg
Jorge D. Aguilar, Fairview
David P. Alfaro, Galesburg
Heath M. Alfaro, Galesburg
Anthony M. Allen, Abingdon
Janae K. Allison, Ophiem
Gabriel J. Alvarez, Galesburg
Kristi L. Anderson, Galesburg
Shawn S. Baker, Maquon
Adrian Banks, Galesburg
Yadira G. Barrera, Monmouth
Robert D. Beshaw, Victoria
Jacob R. Bohn, Galesburg
Aaron L. Boughton, Galesburg
Mike Bridgewater, Bushnell
Zachary S. Brinton, Galesburg
Linda Brogdon, Carthage
Nathan Budde, Galesburg
Kayla M. Cain, Galesburg
Rebecca E. Cole, Monmouth
Brandon A. Costner, Galesburg
Courtney M. Cottom, Galesburg
Trasen L. Cox, Galesburg
Ashlee E. Coyle, Alexis
Marcus A. Danos, Abingdon
Ashley C. Ferguson, Henderson
Jasmine Forbes, Galesburg
Vanessa R. Fuller, Galesburg
Megan L. Garcia, Farmington
Robert A Garrabrant, Galesburg
Josiah H. George, Hamilton
Jaycob L. Hanlin, Yates City
Dylann G. Haptonstahl, Avon
Ashley E. Harrison, North Henderson
Josephine E. Herring, Galesburg
Ashley N. Jackson, Galesburg
Elsa Jaramillo, Galesburg
Sharnalle Jenkins, Galesburg
Jessica Johnson, Bushnell
Floyd D. Jones, Galesburg
Cecil A. Kellar, Galesburg
Jon A. Klingler, Monmouth
Shayna LaCourse, Bushnell
Christina Lane, Baylis
Christina M. Lanks, Galesburg
Jack R. Lehnhausen, Bardolph
Raymond F. Levey, Galesburg
Mirriah Y. Lindsey, Abingdon
Kellie M. Logsdon, Monmouth
Colleen F. Marshall, Abingdon
James B. McDonald, Galesburg
Angelique N. McGee, Galesburg
Cody N. Meece, Knoxville
Tammy L. Mellentin, Galesburg
Chris D. Meyer, Monmouth
Nelson D. Miller, Gilson
Nino A. Pagan, Galesburg
Aaron A. Parr, Avon
Brandon T. Pearson, Galesburg
Heather L. Peters, Galesburg
Hannah Petersen, Hamilton
Patrick E. Poulson, Knoxville
Anna M. Qualls, Knoxville
Dylan J. Quick, Oneida
Cierra N. Ray, Avon
Kasarah D. Riden, Dahinda
Melissa M. Roberts, Abingdon
Marco A. Serrano, Galesburg
Charity D. Setser, Monmouth
Christiana D. Shea, Galesburg
Stacey L. Sherry, Monmouth
Gerald L. Singleton, Galesburg
Slater Sperber, Hamilton
Isaiah J. Stevenson, Galesburg
Amanda D. Temple, Galesburg
Brittney J. Thomas, Galesburg
Steven R. Thompson, Galesburg
Samantha M. Thurman, St. Augustine
Jeanna M. Tortorete, Galesburg
Robert L. Walker, Galesburg
Lee A. Wall, Abingdon
Alvin L. Walters, Galesburg
Tasjae M. Washington, Galesburg
Dawn M. Watkins, Gilson
Jordan R. Watkins, Knoxville
Destiny Weber, Bushnell
Tammy L. Williams, Maquon
Janet S. Williams, Galesburg
Andrew C. Wollrab, Knoxville
Patrick O. Wood, Galesburg
Alysha B. Yerkey, Abingdon