Corporate, Leisure College

Kids on Campus 2015


 Carthage Kids on Campus June 8 - 12


Galesburg Kids on Campus August 3 - 7


Registration is available for Carl Sandburg College's Kids on Campus summer session in Carthage and Galesburg. Carthage's Kids on Campus will take place June 8 - 12 at Illini West High School. The deadline to register is Tuesday, May 19. Galesburg's Kids on Campus is scheduled from August 3 - 7 at Sandburg's Main Campus and the registration deadline is Tuesday, June 30. These summer enrichment programs are for students in grades K-6. For additional information and registration forms, click on the link below:


Kids on Campus


Corporate College

June - August 2015 Courses:

Driver Improvement

Illinois State Service Sanitation Manager Certification

Pharmacy Technician

Event Planning for Business



Leisure College

June - August 2015 Courses:

Herbs: Grow, Eat, Love

Fitness Center


Conditioning Yoga

Conditioning Pilates

Community Choir

Galesburg HIstory - Henderson Street & Main Street

Social Event Planning


Introduction to Fused Glass

Alterations, Quilting, and Window Treatments

Introduction to Journaling and Writing for Pleasure:

  • Journaling/Writing for Self-Discovery July 7
  • Journaling/Writing to Develop Creativity July 14
  • Journaling/Writing for Dealing with Change July 21
  • Journaling/Writing for Career and Personal Development July 28