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2013 Volleyball Roster

Team Photo

Front row (L to R): Brooklyn Wexell, Justine Bodenhamer. Second row (L to R): Lorren Newingham, Andrea Hendrix, Ashlynn Winkler, Erika Hibberd, Rachel Barr, Kattie Haywood. Back row (L to R): Head coach Todd Winkler, Caitlin McVay, Katie McGee, Sadie Van Norman, Lexa Mahr, Samantha Roth, assistant coach Rachel Kehr.

2013 Volleyball Roster


  No. Name Height Position Year High School
Ashlynn Winkler 2 Ashlynn Winkler 5-7 OH So. United
Brooklyn Wexell 3 Brooklyn Wexell 5-2 DS Fr. Cambridge
Sadie Van Norman 4 Sadie Van Norman 6-0 RS/MH So. United
Andrea Hendrix 7 Andrea Hendrix 5-3 DS Fr. United
Racheal Barr 9 Rachel Barr 5-11 MH Fr. Mendota
Caitlin McVay 10 Caitlin McVay 6-0 MH So. Rockridge
Erika Hibberd 11 Erika Hibberd 5-10 OH So. Pekin
Lorren Newingham 12 Lorren Newingham 5-10 OH/RS So. Pittsfield
Katie McGee 18 Katie McGee 5-10 RS Fr. Galesburg
Samantha Roth 19 Samantha Roth 5-11 MH Fr. Stark County
Lexa Mahr 21 Lexa Mahr 5-11 S So. Macomb
Kattie Haywood 22 Kattie Haywood 5-9 OH Fr. Rushville-Industry
Justine Bodenhamer 44 Justine Bodenhamer 5-4 DS Fr. Avon


Head Coach: Todd Winkler
Assistant Coach: Rachel Kehr