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1993 Volleyball Team

1993 Volleyball Team


93 team photo


L to R: Alicia Hormann, Unknown Player, Amy Melvin, Leslie Cecil, Trang Nguyen, Connie Bodi, Angie Walpole, Missy Van Unnik, Missy Jobe & Kim Tolle.



No. Name Height Position Year High School, State
1 Leslie Cecil 5' 3" S/D Fresh. Spoon River Valley, Ill.
2 Kim Tolle 5' 7" S/H Fresh. Abingdon, Ill.
4 Amy Melvin 5' 4" H/D Soph. Union, Ill.
5 Trang Nguyen 5' 4" S/D Soph. Galesburg, Ill.
6 Missy Van Unnik 5' 7" H/D Soph. Galesburg, Ill.
9 Missy Jobe 5' 9" H Fresh. Sherrard, Ill.
10 Connie Bodi 5' 9" H Fresh. Quincy, Ill.
11 Alicia Hormann 5' 9" H/D Soph. Bushnell/Prairie City, Ill.
12 Angie Walpole 5' 9" H/D Fresh. Quincy, Ill.


Head Coach: Karen Randall
Assistant Coach: Heather Tucker
All-Conference: Trang Nguyen & Alicia Hormann
Most Valuable Players: Trang Nguyen & Alicia Hormann
Most Inspirational: Trang Nguyen
Leading Server: Trang Nguyen
Leading Hitter: Alicia Hormann
Leading Setter: Trang Nguyen
Leading Blocker: Alicia Hormann