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Transfer Services

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Transfer Services


For some students, Carl Sandburg College is a final destination. For others, we provide an opportunity for students to receive a less expensive option to receive quality instruction before attending a four year college/university. While you may not have decided where to go or what to study, there are people at Sandburg that are qualified to guide you through your decision making process.


Carl Sandburg College has a General Education curriculum that will allow you to take courses that will enable you to complete your degree and/or pursue a Bachelor’s degree upon completion here.  Sandburg has individual learning as its number one priority and we offer student-centered classes, faculty and programs that provide the academic skills needed for successful transfer to other institutions.

Transferring to a four-year college or university from Carl Sandburg College can easily be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Earn one of the transfer degrees outlined in our catalog and select Carl Sandburg College courses that match the freshman and sophomore requirements of the four-year school you plan to attend. Check the course equivalencies (articulation) links by clicking on the link below (Transfer Course Equivalency Guides) and check with your advisor.
  2. Complete an educational plan with your advisor and follow it. You may draft a plan yourself through the “my Sandburg” portal before you meet with your advisor.
  3.  Go to; click “mysandburg” at the top of the page;    After you login, under the WebAdvisor heading, click Academic Profile then click My Educational Plan.

Sandburg Degree Programs


Transfer Programs

 These programs are for those students planning to transfer to a senior college or university to earn Baccalaureate degree.