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Mortuary Science 1-Yr Accelerated Curriculum

Mortuary Science 1-Yr Accelerated Curriculum


Optional Accelerated Program Curriculum for Mortuary Science (AAS)

This program of study will be available to any student who has successfully completed all of the general education courses contained within the Mortuary Science Program course of study. All general education requirements must be completed prior to receiving permission to enter this accelerated program of study. This program is designed to meet the needs of those applicants who have already attained the necessary educational requirements in order to complete the required mortuary science major courses in a two-semester sequence. Permission must be received from the Coordinator of the Mortuary Science Program prior to acceptance into this part of the program. The two semester course outline is listed below. It includes one fall 16-week semester on campus, one eight-week spring semester on campus, with the final eight weeks of the spring semester assigned within a funeral home setting by the department.


Course Number First Semester Sem. Hrs.
MTS 110 History of Mortuary Science 3
MTS 120 Mortuary Law 3
MTS 140 Embalming I 4
MTS 150 Psychology of Grief and Death 3
MTS 160 Funeral Service Administration 5
MTS 170 Restorative Art 4
MTS 215 Introduction to Mass Fatalities Incidents 2
MTS 255 Thanatochemistry 3
  Semester Total 27
  Second Semester  
  First 8-Week Session  
MTS 130 Intro to Microbiology/Mortuary Science 2
MTS 131 Introduction to Pathology/Mortuary Science 2
MTS 210 Funeral Service Counseling 4
MTS 220 Funeral Directing 4
MTS 230 Embalming II 4
MTS 240 Funeral Service Seminar 1
  First 8-Week Total 17
2nd 8-Week Session
MTS 250 Funeral Service Practicum 3
MTS 260 Restorative Art/Embalming Practicum 3
MTS 270 Examination Review Seminar 1
  Second 8-Week Total 7
  Semester Total 24
  Total Program Requirement 51

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Mortuary Science program must complete all MTS courses with a grade of “C” or better in order to be eligible to register for subsequent courses. In order to graduate, students must complete all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.