Mortuary Science 1-Yr Accelerated Admission Requirements

Mortuary Science 1-Yr Accelerated Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements for Mortuary Science (AAS)



Number of Students Admitted Each Year: Varies depending upon practicum sites available


The Mortuary Science program has specific admission requirements and a separate application process. Students must apply and be accepted into the program in order to enroll in classes.

  1. Submit a general application for admission to the College - Application
  2. Submit transcripts from high school or GED equivalent and all post-secondary educational institutions.
  3. Submit proof of an interview with a licensed funeral director.
  4. Complete an application for the Mortuary Science program. (Program applications are available through the counselor.)

Applications will be reviewed on the following dates for admission the following Fall semester:

  • November 25
  • January 25
  • April 25
  • June 25
  • August 1

Enrollment in the program is limited to a specific number of students due to accreditation requirements. Students who enroll in the program must earn a minimum grade of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in all courses required in the Mortuary Science program. Failure to attain these grade requirements will result in dismissal from the program with an option to reapply to the program. This option is available only on a one-time basis.

The Hepatitis B vaccination must be received prior to attending certain laboratory assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange and pay for this requirement. Also, students are expected to purchase required clothing or protective equipment used in the program. Additional living and incidental expenses should be expected by the student.