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The instructional librarian will conduct sessions on the use of library catalogs, databases, reference materials, bibliographic software, or other topics, at a faculty member’s request. Formal sessions may be scheduled in the library classroom (E-230A), or your classroom or computer lab. Work or follow-up sessions in the library are strongly encouraged. Instruction sessions succeed best when the students know they will have an assignment or project requiring research and sources beyond the textbook and classroom. Sessions are tailored to faculty and discipline requirements and preferences, so some advance notice is necessary, and a copy or description of the planned assignment is extremely helpful.

If you cannot spare class time for a formal session, please at least alert the library (and provide us a copy) of your research assignments. We can also develop handouts to point your students to the most likely resources for a specific project.


Library Classroom E230A:

Options include: 24 tables/chairs, Smart Board, Apple TV, Teacher’s station, 20 laptops and 32 iPads available for classroom use *Classroom, laptops, and/or iPads must be reserved ahead of time. Contact  or


For more information or to schedule a session, please contact:
Jennie Archer Instructional Librarian 309-341-5207

Amy Jo Caulkins Coordinator of Library Services 309-341-5290

Mandee Allen Carthage Campus 217-357-3129

Please ask!   Ask a Librarian.