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Information Technology

Information Technology


Carl Sandburg College offers students the opportunity to prepare for a wide array of computer careers from computer networking to computer security to computer systems support. Business careers and computer careers are readily available in many locations and can include high income especially for those who obtain Bachelors or Masters degrees.



Students have the opportunity to make the computer programs work with their schedule. The Business and Computing Technology lab offers students the opportunity to complete coursework at their own pace. Training is available for those interested in network security, networking, and system support.


Short-Term Benefits:


  • Day and evening classes; lab classes; online classes
  • Small class size allows for individual attention
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • Range of programs to meet the students needs


Long-Term Benefits:

  • Graduates are prepared for the workforce and can make their degrees and certificates work for them
  • Continuing education available to those already in the field.


The Future of Information Technology (Computer Information Science Systems) Programs

CIS System Support- Job prospects are best for college graduates who are up to date with the latest skills and technologies, particularly if they have supplemented their formal education with some relevant work experience. A strong background in fundamental computer skills combined with good interpersonal skills and communication skills is needed.


Computer networking specialists should continue to enjoy favorable job prospects. Employers will demand a higher level of skill and expertise from their employees.