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Cosmetology Admission Requirements

Cosmetology Admission Requirements


Admission Process


After the review of applications each student will be offered conditional admission, placed on the alternate list, or denied admission. Alternates will be offered conditional admission as positions on the conditional admission list become available. Additional information regarding the mandatory meeting will be contained in the letter sent from the Admissions Office notifying students of initial program admission status. All students, including those on the alternate list, will be required to attend one of the mandatory meetings to receive program specific paperwork and hear the discussions that take place. Students who do not attend a mandatory meeting will not be given the paperwork and fill forfeit their position on the admission list.


Admission Requirements


  1. Complete an application for general admission to the College and, if desired, apply for financial aid. (available here)
  2. Submit official transcripts from high school or GED certificate and any appropriate post-secondary educational institutions or show proof of being over 18 years of age and have completed an eighth grade education.
  3. The following COMPASS scores are required for admission:
    • Reading- 83 or higher (RDG 096 or higher)
    • Writing- 38 or higher (ENG 098 or higher)
    • Math- Pre-algebra 47 or higher; Algebra- 26 or higher (Math 090 or higher)
    Students who do not meet the COMPASS requirements can take the classes listed but must complete them with a “C” or better.
  4. Complete an application for admission to the Cosmetology program (program applications are available from the Recruiter/Adviser.)


Admission is competitive. Students are awarded points based on admission criteria.  Only the most qualified applicants are admitted. Applications will be accepted April 1 through the July 1 deadline for the Fall start.  For the Spring semester start, applications will be accepted from June 1 through the October 1 deadline for Spring start. Applicants will be notified in writing whether or not they have been accepted in the program.