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Outcomes Assessment


In an effort to improve campus-wide assessment, the Outcomes Assessment Committee will be adapting and revising several practices.


First, the OAC will make a template for CARs Narrative Summary Reports. This form will ensure that the information collected will be more data driven and unified. Next, the OAC is working on a timeline to achieve several steps in the third phase of Sandburg’s Four-Phase Assessment Plan: by establishing a timeline, the college can work toward creating and implementing syllabi templates. Finally, Sandburg is moving toward GEO Assessment. In the Spring 2014 semester, the Social and Business Sciences department will participate in a pilot to assess GEOs in individual general education courses. Once the pilot is completed, Sandburg will move toward campus-wide implementation.


The faculty and staff at Carl Sandburg College are committed to improving student learning. Through careful observation and a variety of methods, faculty measure how well our students are learning. Just a few of the methods used on our campus to evaluate student learning include:

  • Journals and blogs

  • Student writing exercises

  • Quiz and Exam scores

  • Demonstration of a skill or process by a student

  • Clinical

  • And Presentations


We consider the role of assessment of chief importance in the improvement of student learning and we are rapidly growing and changing to better equip our campus for this task.


       Assessment Minutes 2-7-14               Assessment Minutes 4-4-14

       Assessment Summary 5-2-14             Assessment Minutes 9-5-14

       Assessment Minutes 10-3-14