Cleared4Class for Parents

Governor Pritzker has issued an Executive Order mandating that all Illinois college students and employees provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination OR test on a weekly basis if they are regularly on campus. Dual credit students who attend onsite classes at one of the campuses of Carl Sandburg College, or who visit campus at least once a week or more will be expected to follow this order. If a student has a religious or medical exemption for COVID-19 vaccination, Sandburg will not require documentation of the exemption; however, students will be required to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test every 7 days.
To comply with the Executive Order, Carl Sandburg College will use a health and safety platform called CLEARED4. We will use this system for daily health screenings, vaccination card collection, and weekly test submission. 
Here are some key points to keep in mind:  
·        CLEARED4 is HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR compliant  
·        Data is owned by Carl Sandburg College, not Cleared4  
·        Only COVID-19 testing and vaccination data are collected  
Beginning September 27, 2021, students attending a Sandburg campus will use the Cleared4 platform to provide proof of vaccination (submitted once) or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test every 7 days. Students will also use the Cleared4 platform to complete daily health (symptom checker) screenings. An initial Cleared4 account setup email was sent to students’ Sandburg accounts on September 22, 2021. Additional reminders in the form of text messages will be sent to students on September 22, September 23 and September 27.
Sandburg is requesting parents’/guardians’ signed authorization for dual credit students who are minors to participate in weekly testing offered through Sandburg or to share testing results from their high school or health department. We will provide the authorization forms here were mailed to the home addresses of dual credit students, and emailed to dual credit students’ Sandburg email.
Authorization forms must be submitted by Friday, October 1, 2021 for dual credit students to maintain access to campus.
Thank you in advance for assisting Sandburg in providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff. For questions, please contact

Cleared4Class Documentation

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Q: How does CLEARED4 work?

Carl Sandburg College has created profiles for all students on the platform using the student's name and Sandburg email.  The student will receive a welcome message to their Sandburg email with a private link.  This is the student's personal, secure link to their health survey.  The link never changes so they can save it to their phone home page and launch it like an app, or bookmark it to their computer.  All students will receive regular reminders from Sandburg to take your health survey before they arrive on campus.

Q: Where can my child get tested?

SHIELD testing will be available from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Thursday in John Lewis Gymnasium on the Main Campus. Testing hours in the evening will also be provided from 4-7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Crist Student Center. 

For those at the Carthage Branch Campus, rapid antigen tests will be available. Connect Ellen Henderson-Gasser at or 217.357.3129 to arrange a test.  

Q: If my student can’t make it to campus to get a test or I took a test at the local health department/pharmacy, how can I submit proof of a negative test?  

In Cleared4Class there is an option to “Upload Negative COVID-19 Test Proof.” Your child should use this option to upload lab results. Like vaccination status, the test will have to be verified before receiving a GreenPass.  

Q: Where can I find information on obtaining a vaccination for my child if they are eligible?

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a page where you can see IDPH distribution sites in your area and register for an appointment. Visit to schedule an appointment near you. Keep in mind this page only lists IDPH points of distribution.    

The state has a separate page that lists all vaccination sites, such as IDPH locations, hospitals, pharmacies and mass vaccination sites. There are more than 1,000 locations in the state’s provider network. Use the map or search function on that page to find sites in your area.   

If you need additional assistance in scheduling an appointment, call the toll-free IDPH hotline at 1.833.621.1284.    

Q: If my child is not vaccinated, how often must a student get tested? 

The executive order states that higher education students must get tested weekly. The College interprets weekly as once per every seven days. For example, if you were to get tested on Tuesday, you should get tested again the next Tuesday.

Q: If my child provides a vaccination card will they have to test every 7 days?

No, if your child provides a vaccination card they will not need to test every seven days. However, they will need to fill out a health screening before coming to campus

 Q: Can my child test more frequently than every seven days? 

Yes, your child can test more frequently than once every seven days. Everyone must maintain a minimum of one test every seven days. 

 Q: My child received a notification from Cleared4Class that my COVID-19 test does not meet the requirements for a GreenPass. What should I do? 

if you received this notification, contact 

Q: My student attends Sandburg virtually. They do not come to campus for anything. Does my child need to register? 

If your child completes their coursework exclusively remotely or online, they will not need to register for Cleared4Class. However, if your child completes coursework exclusively remotely or online but are on campus regularly, you must register for Cleared4Class.