Our Crew

Director Kip Canfield

Kip Canfield
Sandburg graduate, Retired Sgt. Galesburg P.D.

Coordinator Dean Blust

Dean Blust
ROVA HighSchool and Sandburg graduate, Retired Sgt. Monmouth P.D. likes to golf and fish.

Officer Donna Damitz

A graduate of Carl Sandburg College in applied science.

Officer Dave Olin

Knox County born and raised, I am a CSC Grad, I root for the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Cubs.

Assistant M. Christensen

Kip Canfield
Security Systems Technician.

Officer TJ Pendleton

CSC Graduate who enjoys playing basketball and fishing.

Officer Dyson Shannon

Kip Canfield
Dyson is a CSC graduate who enjoys playing guitar, cuddly puppies, and candy.

Officer Todd Dennison

I am a Sandburg graduate. I enjoy sports.

Officer John Lambert

John Lambert
Don't take wooden nickles.

Officer John Neville

Kip Canfield
Don't take wooden nickles.

Did You Know?

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