Eligibility for financial aid is determined through the analysis of the student aid application and the cost of education at Carl Sandburg College. Awards are based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted at the time of enrollment. We reserve the right to modify award(s) at any time due to changes in your financial aid eligibility or on the availability of funding.

Always check mySandburg for the most updated award amounts to use as a reference whenever questions arise about the financial aid package.  mySandburg can also be used to print a copy of the student's award notification for outside agencies. 

Guide to Understanding Your Award Letter



The Award Notification shows the types and amounts of financial assistance students are expected to receive at Carl Sandburg College. To understand your award notification be sure to read all the information carefully.
  • The amounts are based on the information supplied on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The awards are based on full time enrollment and will be prorated based on the particular award rules.
  • If students wish to decline a particular award, please notify the financial aid office in writing.
  • Students are responsible to notify our office of the source and dollar amount from any external awards/monies.
  • If aid from outside sources causes the student to exceed calculated “financial need”, the college is required to reduce FWS, SEOG, or Direct Loan.
  • Students are responsible for repaying funds received in excess of financial need, awarded in error, or if the student becomes ineligible - for any reason.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Two or more tuition and/or fee-restricted awards may be combined, but the total cannot exceed tuition and fees.
  • A Federal Work Study (FWS) award allows the student the opportunity to apply for FWS positions on campus. A job is not guaranteed and students are not guaranteed to earn the entire award. FWS funds are disbursed as a biweekly paycheck. They do not pay directly toward the College bill.


Grants are gift aid that does not need to be repaid.  Loans require repayment. If your award includes “EST” in the name, it is estimated and could change. 


Corrections or changes to the information you originally submitted on your FAFSA may result in a revision to your financial aid award. If you have unusual circumstances (i.e. loss of job, death of parent, etc.) that were not reported on the FAFSA, or if your family's situation has changed since you completed your application, contact our Financial Aid Office at 309.341.5283.


Payment of Financial Aid and Disbursement

Using Financial Aid to Buy Books

Reasons Why Your Aid May be Adjusted

Return of Title IV for students to withdraw from all courses

Financial Aid Census Date and Schedule Changes

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Tax Benefits for Education


The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is designed to help you assess your total cost of attending Sandburg. Using a simplified format, the sheet presents information about your available financial aid, net costs, and how much you should expect to pay out-of-pocket. This information should be used to help you compare financial aid packages offered by different institutions.

You will be able to access the shopping sheet in mySandburg after you have been awarded aid for the academic year.

How to Access the Shopping Sheet


  1. Log into
  2. Select Self-Service
  3. Go to Financial Aid
  4. Click on Financial Aid Self-Service,
  5. While the mouse is on the "Financial Aid" tab a menu will appear
  6. Click on Federal Shopping Sheet
  7. Select the current school year




Financial Aid Office
Location: Main Campus E101
Phone: 309.341.5283