Tuition Obligations

Failure to Pay

Students who fail to pay for their classes by the tuition payment deadline through the 100 percent refund period will be removed from the class list (please refer to the refund schedule for the time period of your classes). You may reregister for the classes (if they are still available), but payment in full is due at the time of registration.


Drop for Non-Attendance

Non-attendance the first four days of the semester/class for 16-week courses (any courses less than 16 weeks, please refer to the refund schedule) will result in the class/classes being dropped from the student's schedule.  You may reregister for these classes (if they are still available and with the instructor's permission).  Please see the Registration Office for the add/withdraw form.


Obligations to the College

Students must meet all financial obligations to the College and return all materials owned by the College before they will be allowed to reregister and to receive grade reports, diplomas, certificates, and transcripts.  If you should have any uncollected past due balances, we may use any and all means necessary to collect this debt in accordance with the state and federal laws.