When can students appeal?

At times, students find it necessary to appeal to Sandburg's current processes for extenuating circumstances. Please see the categories below for the common situations for appeals.


Appeal for a refund of tuition due to extenuating circumstances

Sandburg provides students a period of time at the beginning of the semester to decide if they are able to continue with the course. Students should thoroughly review the course syllabus to ensure they are able to complete the course requirements and have the proper resources including the required textbooks, online access codes, and technology when appropriate. Sandburg provides a full refund of tuition and fees if the student drops the course before the deadline. 

Deadline for 16-week courses - the first 10 calendar days of the course.

Deadline for 8-week courses - the first 5 calendar days of the course.

If the student experiences extenuating circumstances after the 100% refund deadline that will prevent them from completing the course, they may be eligible to appeal for a refund. Students must drop the course before they can submit an appeal. Please submit the refund request form along with any documentation to support their claims.

Examples of reasons that will be considered for an appeal:

  • Documented illness
  • Death in the family
  • Unanticipated change in work schedule

Students will not be eligible to appeal for a refund for reasons such as:

  • The course is too difficult.
  • The student does not have the resources needed for the course. 
  • Visiting students, who take a summer course to transfer it back to their home institution, must verify the class will transfer before the refund deadline.  

Please return the completed appeal form to the Business office in Student Services, E100, or email boffice@sandburg.edu.

Appeal to withdraw from a class after the deadline

Each semester, Sandburg notifies students of the last day to withdraw from a course. Students should communicate with their instructor and academic advisor to ensure they know their current grade in the course to make an informed decision prior to the withdraw deadline. If extenuating circumstances arise and the student is unable to withdraw before the deadline, the student may be eligible to appeal to withdraw from the class. 

Last day to withdraw for 16-week courses - Tuesday of the 14th week

Last day to withdraw for 8-week courses - Wednesday of the 7th week

Students will not be eligible to appeal for a withdraw from a class after the deadline for reasons such as:

  • Forgot to contact their advisor to withdraw.
  • Did not know the date of the last day to withdraw.
  • Thought that the instructor would drop them.

Students must complete the appeal form and provide documentation to support their claim of extenuating circumstances that prevented them from dropping the course prior to the deadline. This appeal must be submitted by the Monday of finals week.

Please return the completed appeal form to Angel Rohrig at arohrig@sandburg.edu

Appeal to be reinstated after academic suspension

Students who have been suspended from Sandburg for academic reasons must appeal for reinstatement. Students must submit their appeal at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which they would like to enroll. Students should contact their academic advisor to develop a plan to improve their academic performance if their appeal is granted.

Academic Suspension Appeal form

Please return the completed appeal form to Candace Fones at cfones@sandburg.edu or in Student Services E100. Appeals must be submitted 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to re-enroll.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (Financial Aid)

Students who lose their financial aid due to grades, completion rate, or maximum timeframe have the opportunity to appeal for reinstatement of financial aid. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form


Veterans Benefits Appeal

To fulfill the VA Satisfactory Progress requirement, a student must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Students who do not maintain this requirement are placed on Sandburg VA Warning. While on Warning, the student has one semester to bring their cumulative GPA up so that it satisfied the 2.0 requirement. Students on warning who do not satisfy the cumulative GPA requirement during the warning period will be placed on Sandburg VA Dismissal and will no longer be eligible for education benefits through the VA. Students placed on Sandburg VA Dismissal may file an appeal to reinstate their benefits for an additional semester if approved.

Veterans Benefits Appeal form

Please submit the completed appeal form to Michelle Erickson at merickson@sandburg.edu