Student Success Grants

Student Success Grants are funded by Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER Funding).

Students may apply for grants of $500 to assist with the following:

  • General Crisis Grant Needs
    • housing, transportation, food insecurity, medical issues
  • Bookstore Assistance
    • books, access codes, technology, supplies purchased at the Sandburg Campus Bookstore
  • Supplies for Programs, Uniforms, etc.


  1. Students must be Pell Eligible, as documented in your financial aid information.
  2. Students must be First Generation College Students

*These requirements are due to the restrictions of the government funding. If you do NOT fall within this criteria, please reach out to the Foundation Office (309) 341-5349 or We can assist in connecting you with community and campus resources.

General Crisis Grant

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Bookstore Assistance

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Uniform, Testing and Supply Assistance

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