Alumnus Snapshot

Danayzia Stuckey '19

Eboni Stuckey (Mother), Dewayne Johnson (Father)


Alumnus Snapshot:

Education: A. A. Carl Sandburg College ‘19, Anticipated Bachelors in Business Administration (Harris-Stowe State University) ‘21

Campus Involvement: Member of Women of Character, Member of Sandburg Women’s Basketball Team

Awards:  Women of Character Impact Award, Member of two-time All Conference and All-Regional Women’s Basketball Team 

Danayzia’s favorite memory of Sandburg was Spring Fest:

I always looked forward to seeing all my peers, playing games and enjoying the free food.


Danayzia has not stayed connected to Sandburg as much as she would like due to her attending college in another state, but she hopes that will soon change:

I am on the basketball team at Harris-Stowe, so I am pressed for time, but I hope to be able to eventually offer a scholarship to Sandburg to a deserving student after I graduate.  Hopefully it would be given every year and we could hold a ceremony for the recipient.


Danayzia described the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected her:

COVID-19 interrupted my junior year, so I was forced to return home to finish my studies through online classes.  My mother and father taught me to make the most of every situation I find myself in, therefore I dedicated my time during the pandemic to my online classes and staying on top of my basketball workouts.