Sandi Deppe, LMT '12

Sandi Deppe opens her own Massage Therapy business right here in Galesburg.


What is your businesses' name and what is your position there?

The name of my business is Sandi's Healing Touch Massage. I am a licensed Massage Therapist and business owner.


Why did you choose Carl Sandburg College?

It was close to home and offered the Massage Therapy program. Since I had heard many good things about Carl Sandburg College, I chose to go there. Many of my friends had gone there before and they told me that there is a wonderful sense of community there and you can get help with studies if you need it.


How did you set up your own business?

I started with renting a room to give massages in an existing business. When the person I was renting from moved out of the building, I stayed at that location. When I started, I also worked a full-time job, so I was doing massage therapy part-time for the first two years. I was able to reach people in the community through social media and an online presence, as well as being able to grow by business. Now that I've extended my hours and moved to a new location, I have a better visibility. My new address is 1134 N. Henderson St. Suite D, Galesburg, IL 61401.


When you were a student here, how did you balance school with your personal life?

It wasn't easy to do because the Massage Therapy program was very structured with a lot to learn and the requirements to pass were pretty high. Being an older student (I was 45 when I graduated), I didn't have young kids at home to worry about, so that made it a little less stressful. In the program, we had to maintain at least a "C" average. I have always been very hard on myself to do the best that I can, so I maintained an "A" average.


What is your favorite memory at Sandburg?

I don't have just one particular memory. For me, it was about the entire program's experience and making friends within the Massage Therapy program. We were a small group and all of our classes were in the Annex Building downtown, so we didn't get to experience life and classes on campus like other students. However, we were all close in our group and most of us are still friends and talk regularly.


Can you give some encouraging words for current and future students?

Don't be afraid to follow your dreams and do what you love, no matter how young or old you are. If you have a goal in mind, work for it and don't stop working once you reach it, keep going and make new goals.


Sandi specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue massage and has a natural ability to find and work out muscle "knots" and tight areas. Each massage session is tailored specifically for the needs of the individual client. A massage incorporates therapeutic elements and relaxation elements. She also offers hot stone massages, prenatal and postnatal massages, and Swedish relaxation massages. To book an appointment online, go to: