Need to Pick Up a Class or Two?

Summer classes at Sandburg are a fantastic way to get ahead (or catch up) on your way to earning a degree. With a wide selection of affordable and transferable classes — including online sections — to choose from, Sandburg can help make your summer break a productive one that pays big dividends.


4 Easy Steps to Enroll for New Students

  1. Apply at
  2. Contact the Sandburg Welcome Center at 309.345.3500 or
  3. Send us your college transcript(s)
  4. Schedule an appointment with one of our academic advisors by calling 309.341.5237

Attend Online or On-Campus

Hey, we get it. You’re home for the summer, and you’re probably not thrilled about spending part of your day inside a classroom. That’s why Sandburg’s selection of online classes is a great option — and at the same price! With in-district tuition of $170 per credit hour, a three-credit class at Sandburg will cost you less than $500, no matter if you’re studying poolside or on campus.

NEW — Pell Grant Funds Available for Summer

Starting this summer, students who are eligible for Pell Grants may be able to receive the third disbursement. In the past, a full-time student could receive only two Pell Grant disbursements per year. Now, that student may be able to receive up to three in one academic year. Click here for complete details about Year-Round Pell Grants. For more information or questions about applying for financial aid, contact our Financial Aid office at 309.341.5283 or  

Check out transfer course equivalencies for your current college or university:

Any Questions?

It’s a good idea to meet with your academic advisor at your current school and discuss your plans before enrolling in summer classes at Sandburg. For other questions or more information, you can also contact our Welcome Center at 309.345.3500 or