Application for Admissions

Congratulations!  We are excited you are taking the next steps of applying to Carl Sandburg College and we are happy to help you with this process. Once you submit your application you will receive a welcome packet with detailed information with next steps.  If you have any questions, the Welcome Center is here to help- every step of the way! PH: 309.345.3500

Please take a look at the options below and select the one that corresponds best to you.

New Student Application

New Student Application

If you have A) never applied to Carl Sandburg College or B) have never take dual credit courses, please follow the link below to fill out our free online admissions application. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly. Email:  | Ph: 309.345.3500

New Student Application

Once you have completed the admissions application, please see our Steps to Enroll.  We look forward to helping you and don't hesitate to ask questions!




Dual Credit Student

I have taken dual credit courses at Sandburg

I am a dual credit student planning to continue at Carl Sandburg College.

  • Since you have indicated you already have an application on file or have taken classes with us in the past, please contact the Welcome Center at 309.345.3500 or to find out what you need to do next.

Taken Classes at Sandburg Before

I have taken courses at Sandburg previously

I have applied and/or taken classes at Carl Sandburg College within the last 10 years.

Since you have indicated you already have an application on file or have taken classes with us in the past, please contact the Welcome Center at 309.345.3500 or to find out what you need to do next.

International Student Application

International Steps to Enroll

International Student Admission Steps

New full-time international students need to obtain a Form I-20 to receive a student visa through the U.S. Consul or Embassy in their country. The I-20 indicates that all admission requirements have been met to enter the College. This document is issued through SEVIS, the Student Exchange Visitor Information System. The U.S. Consulates make the final decision regarding whether students will be allowed to enter the United States to study.

All international students must report to Carl Sandburg College on or before the date stated on the Form I-20. Late-arriving students will not be able to register for class.

International students requesting admission and issuance of a Form I-20 must provide:
  • A completed Carl Sandburg College Application for Admission.
  • A Financial Resource Statement verifying the ability of the student or the student’s sponsor to meet all educational and living expenses for one year while attending Carl Sandburg College. This must be signed and sealed by a notary public and accompanied by a letter or bank statement dated within six months of the application. Financial support of approximately $21, 000 (USD) is needed per year.
  • An official transcript that provides evidence of graduation from a secondary school and transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended. Photocopies may be accepted if they are properly notarized as true copies. Transcripts must be translated into English.
  • Official evidence of English proficiency. All full-time and part-time students whose native language is NOT English are required to:
    take TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and earn a score score of 68 on the Internet-based exam, or 190 on the Computer-based exam or 520 on the Paper-based exam.
    submit official transcripts from an accredited United States college or university showing   successful completion (‘C’ or better grade) of a college-level writing course and 6 hours of college-level academic course work requiring reading
    complete ACT with a score of 19 or higher in Reading and Writing Completion of any additional entry requirements for the program of study.
  • A photo copy of current passport

    The College will issue an Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility form after students complete the steps above and qualify for admission.
International Student Application

International Student Admissions

Welcome to Carl Sandburg College! Located just 3 hours away from Chicago, we are in the heartland of America. We look forward to working with you on your application for admission, and encourage you ask questions by emailing us at

Complete the international student application

Any application received after November 10, 2017, will be processed with a Fall ‘18 start date (August), unless the student is already in the US on an active F1 visa.

“My Sandburg experience was fabulous. Going to Sandburg was really nice because it’s in a relatively rural part of Illinois and there is not a lot of Japanese people around here so I couldn't’t spoil myself and my English skills got a lot better in the past two years. My instructors were excellent, and very supportive and flexible and very understanding – they recognized it was harder for me to learn college level courses in English, so they were always there to help me.

 international student 2

“Safety was also a consideration because the crime rate is much higher in the (United) States than in Japan, so I was nervous about that. I live a mile from campus and it was really close to campus and when I got here I saw Public Safety people everywhere, and it was a big relief for me and made me feel safe, and allowed me to focus on my studies.” – Kairi Nakamura ’15.

“I am the first girl in my family to go to college. There are just so many things that I want to do that I don’t know what to do. My degree will be Associate in Arts, and I’m doing everything I can that I want to, and it’s been really great. All the counselors and the teachers have been great, and if you don’t know what you want to do, they will help guide you.


“I would encourage anyone to pursue international studies. Getting cultured is really important. My teachers have taught me a lot here. I’ve learned it’s very important to be cultured because then you aren’t as ignorant and you’ll be able to relate to other people, people perhaps outside your comfort zone. I used to be super shy…and now I’m doing theater.” - Mia Ismal, 2015 Student Trustee