A sociologist is a person who studies human society and social behavior. At first glance this may seem like psychology, but there is an interesting difference between the two. Sociology examines groups and societies, whereas psychology looks at individuals. Sociologists are interested in social systems and group influence. They look at how a group operates, influences, and affects society. Sociologists study the inequities in society, social change, and how cultures vary from place to place. Psychologists are interested in groups as well, but they look at the individuals within the group and how they affect each other. Sociologists like to study the forest, while psychologists are interested in the trees. Another interesting note is anthropology is part of the field of sociology. Anthropology investigates the origin and changes of cultures, behaviors, and humans in general.

Because the field of study is so vast, sociologists usually specialize in one or more of a number of areas. Some of those areas of specialty include education, family, racial and ethnic relations, revolution, war and peace, social psychology, gender roles and relations, and urban, rural, political, and comparative sociology.
Wage Estimates are for Illinois and were found at Bureau of Labor website for Illinois 2014 wage Estimates.



Position Median Salary
College Teacher $72,474
Social and Community Service Managers $63,530
Social Science Research Assistants $45,760


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