Business Administration


People who go into Business Administration tend to like organizing resources (people, material, financial, and information) to make things happen and solve problems. Some courses in the A.A.S. have prerequisites that need to be completed, such as placement scores, so please check with your advisor regarding any necessary course prerequisites. The Business Administration A.A.S. is designed to be completed in two years, four semesters, of full-time classes. The Small Business Certificate is designed to be completed in one year, two semesters, of full-time classes.The majority of courses are delivered in a traditional classroom setting during the day, although approximately 50% are available online and approximately 10% of classes are night courses.

This program is designed for students who want to develop administrative skills for a career in business. In addition to building general business proficiency, students are prepared for occupations in management, supervision, or marketing. Satisfactory completion of this program will provide an adequate level of competency for entry-level positions in various organizational structures, including for-profit and not-for-profit-organizations. A minimum of 24 of the 60 credit hours are stackable to a Bachelor's degree at a four year institution, and possibly more, depending on the college of transfer. Twenty-four of the 30 credit hours in the certificate are stackable to the Business Administration, A.A.S. Degree.

Student Organizations

B.A.S.S. is the Business and Accounting Students at Sandburg club. It is open to all full and part-time students enrolled in classes at least one semester during the academic school year. The club's purpose is to provide a real world experience outside of the classroom through various exposures to different styles of business and accounting procedures to current students and disseminate business and accounting information throughout Sandburg. 

Transfer to a 4-year

Want to continue your education at a four year college or university? Carl Sandburg College has established relationships with four year colleges and universities to assist in the transfer process for our students. Students should speak with their academic advisor for more information regarding these agreements.

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