A student interested in Accounting should be curious about how businesses operate and desire to be part of the decision making process. They should also be interested in a company's financial standing. Anyone interested in these careers should be analytical in nature and be able to look at a problem from multiple points of view to determine the best path for the situation. 

While there are no prerequisites for the program, there are individual course prerequisites that students will need to meet prior to enrollment.

Sandburg offers a certificate and an Associates degree in accounting. If attending full time, it takes one year to complete the certificate and two years to complete the degree.

Courses are offered in a variety of formats: Online, Face To Face, and Webinar

Once you have completed your program or certificate, you will be able to work as an accounting clerk, auditing cler, accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting assistant, bookkeeper and payroll clerk just to name a few.

Student Organizations
B.A.S.S. is the Business and Accounting Students at Sandburg club. It is open to all full and part-time students enrolled in classes at least one semester during the academic school year. The club's purpose is to provide a real world experience outside of the classroom through various exposures to different styles of business and accounting procedures to current students and disseminate business and accounting information throughout Sandburg.
Transfer to a 4-year

Want to continue your education at a four year college or university? Carl Sandburg College has established relationships with four year colleges and universities to assist in the transfer process for our students. Students should speak with their academic advisor for more information regarding these agreements.

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