Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department

The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department includes offers a variety of science and mathematics courses designed around focus areas to meet the needs of students in the general Associate in Arts transfer degree, as well as those enrolled in various Associate in Science programs.


These divisions include:
Physics and Earth Science


"The Mathematics and Natural Science Department
Are you interested in any of the STEM fields such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, or even earth science but didn't’t know that you could get a start in any of these fields at Carl Sandburg College? Well, you can. And yes, many of the jobs in these field do require graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. However, more and students are becoming aware that an associate’s degree at Carl Sandburg College can get them well on their way to earning higher degrees in many types of Science and Math related fields. Carl Sandburg College works with many of the area 4 year colleges and universities to prepare students to make the transition to a bachelor’s degree while earning an associate degree. Many Sandburg graduates have transferred on to four year schools, earned bachelor’s degrees and are now working in STEM fields as professors, researchers, and physicians.


Perhaps you are not interested in a 4 year degree but you are interested in an associate’s degree in many of the science related fields that Carl Sandburg also has to offer, such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic technology or Biofuels. All of these programs are also supported by courses offered in the Math and Science department.