Physics Department

What Can I Do With A Science Degree in Physics or Earth Science?
Physics is the study of matter and energy and how the universe works. It can be tied to all other scientific fields like chemistry, mathematics and even biology. Physics deals with matter from things as small as sub-atomic particles to entire galaxies. Energy can come from so many different types of sources including chemicals, radiation, and even gravity. A degree in physics can lead to a career as a research scientist or an engineer. There are also careers in energy and technology that require a physics background. Earth sciences is a study of our planet and all of its physical properties. Degrees in earth science can lead to careers in geology, hydrology, climate science, and of course teaching.


Careers and Salary        
Wage Estimates were found at Bureau of Labor Statistics website 2016
Position Median Salary      
College teacher $72,470        
Physicist $110,980        
Geoscientist $89,700        
Hydrologist $79,550