Chemistry Department

What Can I Do With A Science Degree in Chemistry?
Chemistry is a physical science that involves the study of matter and reactivity. This physical science explores elements and their properties and how they interact to form all substances. Careers in chemistry are very diverse. Chemistry graduates can go on to conduct research in both educational laboratories or in the public sector. There are chemists working in the pharmaceutical industry developing and testing new medicines. Biochemists work in healthcare to analyze and investigate the effects of illness and disease. Chemical engineers work in manufacturing to develop new techniques. Chemists are also needed to study human impact on the environment. Forensic careers in chemistry are also growing. The field of chemistry provides many opportunities.


Careers and Salary                  
Wage Estimates were found at Bureau of Labor Statistics website 2016
Position Median Salary                  
College teacher $72,470                  
Chemist $72,610                  
Biochemist $82,150                  
Chemical Technician $44,660