Biology Department

What Can I Do With A Science Degree in Biology?

Biology is the study of life. It is a diverse area that encompasses everything from the molecular aspects of all living organisms to the study of all of earth's natural communities. Depending on one's interests, a career in biology can lead into studying organisms such as animals, plants, bacteria, viruses and of course humans. It can broaden ones understanding of how all living organisms interact with one another and the effects that each has on the planet. Many students going into the biological fields will likely go on to graduate level work and specialize within a specific biological topic. A degree in biology can lead into a career in research or education or into environmental conservation and sustainability. There are also many careers in healthcare that branch from or require a degree in biology.


Careers and Salary      
Wage Estimates were found at Bureau of Labor Statistics website 2016
Position Median Salary    
College teacher $72,470      
Wildlife biologist $59,680      
Microbiologist $67,550      
Veterinarian $88,490