Admission Requirements

Associate in Applied Science: Radiologic Technology

Admission is competitive. Only the most qualified applicants are admitted. Applications are accepted October 1 through February 15 for review in March. Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of the admission meeting of admission status. If necessary, an additional review session may be scheduled with a deadline for materials by May 30. Of the 14 seats available each year, spaces are reserved for Carl Sandburg College, Spoon River College, and Black Hawk College residents.


Admission Process

After the review of applications, each student will be offered conditional admission, placed on the alternate list, or denied admission. Alternates will be offered conditional admission as positions on the conditional admission list become available. In order to be given full admission to the program, the student must complete all of the necessary requirements, including the program specific paperwork as required. This paperwork will be distributed and discussed in depth at a mandatory orientation meeting. Additional information regarding the mandatory orientation meeting will be contained in the letter sent from the Admission Office notifying students of initial program admission status. All students, including those on alternate lists, are required to attend the mandatory orientation meeting to receive program specific information and paperwork. Students who do not attend the mandatory orientation meeting will not be given the paperwork and will forfeit their position on the admission list.


Students who are conditionally admitted (including alternates) to the Radiologic Technology program must pay a $100 intent to enter (seat fee) when notified of initial program admission status to guarantee a place on the admission list.  The $100.00 intent to enter (seat fee) will be refunded or applied toward tuition if the student enters into the radiologic technology program.  Students who accept their seat and drop for any reason will forfeit their money. Alternates who are not admitted will receive a refund.


Admission Requirements
Application deadline is February 15.

  1. If you have never attended Carl Sandburg College, complete a general application for admission to the College –
  2. Contact the Welcome Center to begin your steps to enroll. Phone: 309-345-3500, Email:
  3. Submit official transcripts from high school and all appropriate post-secondary educational institutions.
  4. Attend a required Radiological Technology Informational Session prior to applying to the program.
  5. Meet with the advisor working with prospective Radiologic Technology students.
  6. Complete the following courses with grades of “C” or better:

Biology – BIO 205 (or equivalent college course transfer) or BIO 211 and BIO 212
Math – MAT 109 or MAT 110 or MAT 130 or MAT 131
Chemistry or Physics – CHM 100 or PHY 151
Medical Terminology – MDT 100

  1. Complete the TEAS exam. TEAS Scores are valid for two years.

Reading – minimum score of 64
Math – minimum score of 60
Science – minimum score of 41
English – minimum score of 50

Total Adjusted – minimum score of 54

  1. Complete an application for the Radiologic Technology program. Program applications are available online.

Required by May 30

Applicants who have met the February 15 deadline and are offered conditional admission following the March review are required to provide official college transcripts by May 30, 2016 to document successful completion of BIO 212 (or equivalent college course transfer) with a grade of “C” or better. Students who fail to satisfy this requirement by May 30, 2016 will forfeit their provisional admission status.


Students interested in enrolling in this program may complete as many required general education courses as they wish before going through the application process. It is recommended that students complete the general education courses prior to the start of the Radiology (RDT) coursework, due to the rigorous quality of the program. General education courses do not have to be taken at Sandburg, although course equivalency should be verified prior to completion of courses at other institutions.


NOTE: Under the new Federal Financial Aid guidelines, students are not allowed to enroll in courses outside of their program of study. Students should review the Radiologic Technology curriculum prior to enrolling in general education courses if they wish to keep a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. To receive the full-time Federal Pell Grant award, students must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. Partial awards may be prorated as follows:

9-11.5 credits — 75 percent
6-8.5 credits — 50 percent
1-5.5 credits — 25 percent


Required Prior to Program Start

This program requires a criminal background check, health evaluation including proof of immunity, a 10-panel drug screen, and CPR certification prior to entering radiologic technology classes. Details for these requirements are presented at the mandatory orientation meeting.


Notes of General Interest

It is recommended that BIO, MAT, CHM, PHY and MDT courses be completed no more than five (5) years prior to the starting date of the program.


It is recommended, but not required, that students taking Anatomy and Physiology I and II (BIO 211 & 212 or equivalent college course transfer) complete both of these courses at the same institution.


Notice to Applicants of the Radiologic Technology Program

Your personal history may affect your ability to become licensed as a radiographer. In order to be eligible for A.R.R.T. certification, candidates must be of “good moral character.” The qualifications for candidate eligibility for certification are reproduced below from Section IIA of the Examinee Handbook of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists:


“Candidates must be of good moral character. Generally, the conviction of either (1) a felony, or (2) any offense, misdemeanor or felony involving moral turpitude indicates a lack of good moral character for Registry purposes. Those who have been convicted of a crime may be eligible for registration if they have served their entire sentence, including probation and parole, and have had their civil rights restored.”


In addition, the application for licensure in the State of Illinois asks the following questions:

1. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
2. Have you been denied or had a license/certification revoked?
3. Have you been formally notified of any complaint against you relative to the practice of radiologic technology?
4. Have you had a drug or alcohol abuse problem?
5. Do you have a mental or physical disability that, through the practice of your duties, may be dangerous to patients or the public?


A response of “yes” to any of the above may result in the delay or denial of your license.


Questions regarding eligibility for A.R.R.T. certification and/or Illinois licensure may be directed to:


The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
1255 Northland Drive
St. Paul, MN 55120-1155
(651) 687-0048




IEMA, Division of Nuclear Safety
1035 Outer Park Drive
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 785-991 OR (217) 785-9900